Natural Attraction Ecology: A Practical Remedy

A Practical Remedy to our ecological and human crisis. 

The pure, empirical science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) helps us address our detrimental fear of, prejudice against, and exploitation of nature.

NAE empowers us to beneficially reduce our greed and our excessive stress and abusiveness by learning how to genuinely connect our psyche, including our 53 natural senses, to our ever-purifying, restorative and satisfying attraction origins in nature.  These natural attractions exist, alive and well, in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.

The process of our NAE re-connection to the natural world enables us to let the attractive grace of nature’s renewing ways to flow through us again. Our senses can register them and this familiarity helps us reduce our bias against nature. We can relate more sensibly to nature in ourselves, others and the environment.

NAE empowers us to change our story world so that our stories help us make genuine sensory contact with nature. This enables us to think, feel and relate organically, like nature’s attraction balance works to sustain its purity and well-being.

When we experience them, NAE truths and values are seldom controversial because they are self-evident. They register on our senses so we may think and relate as a supportive part of nature, rather than as an outlaw of it.

A short walk in the park is a temporary “fix” that demonstrates the beneficial effects of nature on our psyche.  We seldom recognize that this genuine contact with a natural area is not simply getting away from our problems. What we actually do on such a walk is temporarily connect the sensory essence of our psyche to its attractive, self-correcting roots in nature’s peaceful balance and beauty.  The calming, beneficial, clear-thinking results speak for themselves.  They are more than just “recreation” or “an escape from real life.” They are natural attraction producing re-creation.


What registers from our contact with a natural area is more real and true than 2 + 2 = 4. Anybody can use this contact as a hard, material fact, like conceiving and experiencing it to be a life-saving stream or rope or mother that supports us. This helps us recognize and share that natural attraction is authentic and that it has value.

In actuality, the “stream” is our lifelong umbilical cord to Mother Earth. It is natural attraction flowing through everything right now, including you and I and the space between you and this screen, too.  Do you recognize that it is not empty space?  That thinking in ways that disconnect our consciousness from our natural attractions to the stream are destructive?


The attitude and process of Natural Attraction Ecology provides us with a fully objective science, one that uniquely includes the “subjective” truth and history of our 53 natural attraction senses and feelings.
NAE benefits our lives by enabling our psyche to habitually make sensory connections to nature into a permanent and therapeutic way of thinking and feeling. It gives us the motivation and ability to continually join our heart, mind and spirit with

authentic nature’s healing ways and strengthen ourselves and nature in the process.NAE helps us create moments that let Earth and Nature teach us what they know we need to know.

“I think I never fully knew what was missing in my life, I never fully realized the void until I was introduced and given a new screen of consciousness. A new screen that is placed there by nature, through nature, and with nature. All of a sudden one is conscious of the void and conscious that before a deep understanding of one’s connection with nature is expressed, life seems a lot more duller and unfulfilled. For me it was like I knew that I wanted to get from point A (my lack of presence, fulfillment, and completeness) to point B (a state of peace, joy, love, and total presence with the eternal now). Reading books, having conversations, journaling, watching specific movies all inspired me but nothing gave me a specific avenue, a gateway, a process to link these two points until my moments with nature in this course. It was as if a link that was severed is being repaired and that link was my lifeline to myself and a more holistic understanding of the world around me. Like a spider web that was torn and is being put back together link by link, slowly I was awakened to to parts of myself I never fully tapped.”




A reviewed and published synopsis of Natural Attraction Ecology and how to use it is now online.  To view The Miracle of Something From Nothing, Select Here

Although we live in a technologically successful human society, we suffer because its undue disdain for nature and the natural excessively exploits and deteriorates the whole of life.

Like a cancer, our distortion of, and assault on, nature’s attraction process, in and around us, produces a wide range of life-problems and disorders.

For example:

1.Under optimum conditions, a ball, in its balanced perfection, will roll true on its course. 

2. If we take an excessive slice out of the ball, neither the slice nor the ball will roll true. Neither will function properly (dysfunction) because they will have been separated and lost their integrity.   Fulfillments they may have enjoyed from their mutually beneficial attraction and support for each other will have disappeared and/or become painful.

3. The excessive slice will cause things that are connected to either the injured ball or to the slice, to suffer the disorders that develop.


Natural Attraction Ecology helps us recognize that natural attractions hold together the life and spirit of a very special ball, the planetary globe that we call Earth. It has, and has enjoyed through the eons, the life of its own balanced perfection, beauty and integrity (Axiom 10, below).

NAE also helps us recognize that we are part of our living planet’s very nature. For this reason, when our story way of knowing makes us think poorly about, or act adversely to, the workings of Earth and its systems, we separate our mind, body and spirit from the whole-earth natural attraction community. With our loss of its integrity and nurturing, we become “excessive slices.” This makes us cause hurtful problems for the natural world and for ourselves as part of it.

Our misguided thinking and relationships with Earth have, through our traditional and incomplete, sensory-omitting, science, increasingly socialized us to live as excessive slices from our planetary ball.

Our faulted science indoctrinates us to slice through the nurturing, self-correcting attractions that flow through and unify our planetary home, Mother Earth. This separation produces injurious personal, social and environmentaldisorders. It erodes our mental health. It goads us into making “improvements” that, for a profit, excessively pave over nature’s paradise . 

With respect to living in balance with Earth, our thinking and feeling isbewildered (meaning separated from naturally attractive wilderness values and ways).

Devoid of natural attraction connectedness, our thinking and feeling does not know how to reconnect the hurtful, separated slice we have made of ourselves and our society.

Like a short circuit, because our disorders try to protect us from further hurt and harm, we seldom acknowledge that we are excessive slices and that we sustain our disorders by remaining excessive.  Those who recognize this phenomenon and respond to it by reconnecting our psyche to natural areas, backyard or back country, benefit accordingly. They help others and Earth benefit through the reconnecting process, too. Unfortunately, our nature-oppressive society often looks askance at us and this process.

To help us deal with the distortion in our science and technology, as well as in our “civilized” thoughts, feelings and acts,
NAE provides us with momentous truths and restorative, mind-recycling activities. They help us attach our psyche back to the authentic, balancing, self-correcting ways of our self, planet and nature, ways that we naturally hold in common.

The NAE process gives us the means and motivation to reunite the slice and the ball.  Instead of being “slicers” we learn how to beneficially think and relate as “kin.”

NAE is a unique and profound organic science because, using empirical, experience-based facts, it is entrenched in helping our consciousness and relationships integrate how natural systems work their perfection. It helps us overcome the prejudice in Industrial Society’s limited thinking, a prejudice that separates us from long-established and vital natural attraction relationships. Again, it is this separation that produces our society’sunbalanced imitations of, and harmful substitutes for, nature’s renewing grace.

Any system or form of life that separates from its nurturing roots will suffer from, as well as cause disorders.  We are no exception.
Living a Lie

NAE is sometimes controversial. It disturbs our ego, our self-image, simply because it reflects that we are habitually motivated to perpetrate a destructive distortion that we know is unreasonable, yet we can’t stop doing it.  It is addictive.

The lie that we continually practice is for our thinking and ego-story to deny that all of nature is attraction-based and that this attraction includes us and our natural attraction senses and feelings.  For example, our sense or sensation of thirst is an observable and felt natural attraction fact. When our body lacks water, thirst is a motivational force, an active measurableintelligence IQ that attracts us to water and requests, with increasing intensity, that we act accordingly. By reasonably urging us to drink water thirst makes us join and become part of the water cycle and its self-purifying perfection.

Thirst, along with our reactions to it, is just as real, true and important as is water itself. Both are essential parts of nature and its aliveness in balance. Both make sense and are facts of life, part of life’s survival. Yet we learn to believe we only have five senses and thirst is not one of the five nor is it an intelligence.  How intelligent is that?

The sense/sensation of thirst in ourselves and other things, is seldom included as part of our planet’s global water cycle. However, it obviously is.  This sense, like each of our other natural senses, is a true fact, a fact of life.

“My 5 year old went to school and told her kindergarten teacher that there were more than 5 senses.  When the teacher asked how she knew that she said ‘Because I sense it.’ “


– Project NatureConnect Student Report

Each of our 53 natural attraction senses is a continuum, growth and diversification of the original Big Bang natural attraction to be. As that original attraction grew into the atoms and molecules for water, it also formed the molecular relationships in our genetics that produce the sensation of thirst so that we, and other living things, are conscious that we need water when we need it.

In addition to thirst, our reasoning omits another 47 natural motivating attraction senses. To our detriment, we say that they undermine scientific objectivity, that they are subjective, flaky or fuzzy-thinking granola.

Industrial society teaches us to forget what we innately know. Each sense, when fulfilled in a good way, produces uplifting satisfaction and fulfillment that reverses stress, depression and anxiety disorders along with building increased resistance and immunities. Quenching our thirst feels good, including our thirst for knowledge, sensation and belonging.

Is it any wonder that by omitting the value and powers of most of our natural attraction senses, with respect to living in balance with nature in and around us and each other, our lives are more and more becoming non-sense?

Can we trust our reasoning if it is based on limited or faulty information?

“Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people.”

“The Field (natural attraction) is the only reality”

– Albert Einstein


It is a central concept in science and the scientific method that all evidence must be empirical, or empirically based, in other words, not simply theoretical, spiritual or “as if conclusions. Valid scientific data isderived from our experiences or observations.  It is dependent on evidence or consequences that are observable by, or registered in, the senses. They hold and convey its truth. 

– Wikipedia Encyclopedia (edited)

“It is questionable that any science worth the name can accurately describe how nature works if it depends upon evidence from sterile, static and controlled laboratory sources alone. Nature’s natural attraction dance consists of ever-changing motion and attraction/direction towards attractive survival.   Scientific attitude must support this truth of nature if it is not to deteriorate the whole of life and its perfection. Scientific methodology can meet this goal simply by intelligently validating sensations and feelings as the facts of life that they are.”

– Michael J. Cohen


Originally, in the 1940’s, and at that time very controversial, the science of Ecology discovered local life relationships to be built largely on food chains. This, over time, grew into Ecology becoming the study of local and global natural systems and their cyclic flow.

Today, researchers additionally observe the obvious. From atomic particles to materials to solar systems, everything is held together in the dance of a balanced, pulsating ecological unity by natural attraction and its diversity.  Its diversity includes the energies of gravity, magnetism, valence bonds, strong forces, weak forces, needs, desires, feelings, senses and loves.

Many of these natural attractions register in human consciousness as at least53 natural senses. They include our senses and sensations of thirst, of community, of trust, of reason, of consciousness, of place along with 47 others.


“In and around us, the greatest truth is that pure natural attraction “love” is the wisdom of the ages actively being itself and growing in each present moment.”


– Jonas Yost

Our natural senses, individually and in congress, help our thinking be aware of, and
appropriately relate to, the natural world in the moment. For example, if we don’t relate appropriately to our natural attraction sense of gravity, as previously noted, we end up collapsing to the ground and we are unable to get up.  If our biological makeup ignored gravity, we might not grow our skeleton.

The attraction sense of gravity is obviously real and important, yet we do not include it as one of the five senses by which we say we know and relate to the world.

We don’t need to prove the sense of gravity or any of our other natural attraction senses. They are self-evident, in other words, empirical. They register directly in our senses whenever we don’t block them from doing so.

Too often we forget that the scientific method does not prove a thought to be true, instead it helps us disprove wrong ideas or beliefs.  What is true is self-evident as it registers on our multiplicity of natural senses in congress.

Again, the nature-disconnected, story-world way we learn to think and feel omits reasonable and satisfying signals from at least 47 self-evident natural senses. This frustrates these senses causing us to lose much of the intelligent sense, sensitivity and sensations we need to make sense and to solve our senseless problems in a good way.

In addition, our story world often uncomfortably hooks into consciousness the hurtful, subconscious-buried, frustrations of our natural attraction senses. As we become conscious of them, we feel them and we suffer and act out their hurt.

The Contribution
of NAE

Experts in most fields often identify the many problems our society suffers. However, they seldom offer practical solutions and effective tools that help us deal with these problems.  For this reason, the problems continue to trouble us.

The genius of NAE is that, via our natural attraction senses, it accurately identifies the misguided motivating point source of our unbalance and disorders. It also provides us with a readily available process that helps us heal by eliminating that misguided source and by activating the self-correcting powers of natural attraction.

NAE is an scientific, sensory methodology, an enabling tool that empowers us to interlace our natural senses with their natural attraction source in nature’s balance and beauty. This connection in a natural area provides reasonable, intelligent, conscious, sensory knowledge and satisfaction.

NAE helps us think, feel and relate sensitively and sensibly because it incorporates the self-correcting powers of earth and nature, in their naturalperfectiondescribed below.

Using the proven methods and materials developed, since 1959, by Dr.Michael J. Cohen and his Applied Ecopsychology students at Project NatureConnect, NAE helps us increase well-being at every level. Because this process is new and radical, it bears repeating here that it accomplishes its goal by helping our reasoning, thoughts and feelings to genuinely tap into the balancing natural attraction ways and spirit of authentic nature and its intelligent systems, backyard or backcountry.

As we think and learn in natural areas from unadulterated sensory biofeedback experiences, the organic process of NAE empowers us tobeneficially recycle and transform the garbage and contaminates that seep into our psyche from Industrial Society. They compost into, and become, constructive balanced relationships that benefit all.

Via NAE, our thinking regains the natural-sense ability to reasonably guide all our relationships. How we think and feel then includes the sensory and restorative wisdom of natural systems and their flow, in and around us. The results are remarkable.

The crucial contribution of NAE is that, unlike most other disciplines, it is whole and true because

  • it is based on empirical observations and attraction evidence that we directly experience in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.
  • It helps us learn to adequately understand and deal with our problems, in and from direct connections to nature and its natural intelligence. (see examples, below).  
  • It can be beneficially added to any other discipline or relationship building process, including conflict resolution.

In summary, the NAE process helps us increase well-being by validating unadulterated factual input and satisfactions from our 
53 motivating natural senses. These inherent senses are our inborn, self-organized, self-balancing (homeostatic), natural attraction way of knowing that we register and share with Earth’s web-of-life and the universe. They connect our thinking and relating with nature’s wise integrity and produce satisfactions. This provides us with legitimate, critically important NNIAL facts of life.

To our loss, closeted “objective” science and academics usually reject these facts, along with “love” and “spirit” as the “dazed” or “environmentalist,” “fuzzy thinking” of “Earth Muffins” They must be facts however since they are the very senses on which empirical scientific evidence registers.


“Truth is what stands the test of experience.”

– Albert Einstein

A Fundamental Conclusion

In the final analysis, no matter what they be, the needs, goals and wants that we feel or that we design, are always signals to satisfy one or more of our natural senses.

Fulfilling these senses through direct sensory contact with nature, in people and/or places:

  • is most direct.
  • is the least expensive.
  • is organic.
  • produces the lowest negative environmental and social impact.
  • is a choice that provides nurturing rewards to the benefit of all.
  • is sustainable.
  • is intelligent 
  • is satisfying
  • is timeless

How NAE Works

NAE is functional.  By energizing our 53 natural senses while we are in natural areas, NAE helps our thinking make conscious sensory contact with the attraction essence that we hold in common with the global life community and the universe. It motivates and enables us to tap into the ways and wisdom of authentic nature so that we can make greater sense of our lives and reverse our unbalanced nonsense.

Consider this example concerning our natural attraction to trust: if you are reading this information on or from a computer, your natural attraction sense of trust is in play.

You are attracted to trust that the words on this screen can give you information.

You may not trust what the words here say, but you trust that they have the ability to provide important knowledge. Otherwise why would you be paying attention to them here?

Paying attention to the words, here, is attractive. One of our 53 natural senses, our unique sense of literacy, is simply another form of natural attraction. 

What you also are attracted to trust here is the logic and value of the scientific method and the dedicated attraction of scientists to it.

You trust the intelligence of the reasonable thinking and technology that discovered the power of a computer and the use of electronic communication to convey information. It works. It contributes and has value if it is applied in a way that is fair and benefits all.


Reasonable thinking is attractive and it makes sense so to naturally reward us, it releases chemicals like Dopamine and Endorphins in us and therebyfeels good. That is how nature intelligently works with our natural attractionsense of reason and with all our other natural senses, singly or in congress.  Their fulfillment creates good feelings. For this reason, it feels good to own or use a computer.

In NAE, the application of this same trustable scientific thinking process, has helped us discover how and why Industrial Society is excessively destructive. As previously described, in addition, NAE provides us with a motivating thought and action process that enables us to reverse our detrimental ways and the damage they inflict. For this reason, it makes sense to pay attention to NAE, to respect and benefit from the holism of its scientific methodology.

NAE is a true root and basis for what theoreticians or spiritualists sometimes call whole life “conservation psychology,” “ecopsychology,” “integral ecology” or “ecotherapy.”

Natural Attraction Ecology is effective because:

– it sees that contemporary people seldom realize they are citizens oftwo different civilizations and ways of knowing:


1. The very ancient non-literate global web-of-life community of “nature,” that consists of the biological plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, including humanity and our “old brain”.

2. The very recent literate, human life community of Industrial Society, its “new brain” stories and their effects.


– it recognizes that nature alone, not the theoretician or professor, is the fountainhead of authority about how nature works to produce its special perfection.

it notes that we suffer our great problems because we spend, on average, over 98 percent of our time, thinking and feeling while separated from nature’s self-correcting grace and its feel-good, regenerative, attraction ways.

– it observes that over 18,000 hours of our impressionable childhood years are spent indoors in school with our thoughts, feelings and motives disconnected from nature’s attraction wisdom.

it makes us aware that when our 53 natural senses are inadequately fulfilled, we lose natural joy and we experience natural attraction deprivation. As previously mentioned, this deprivation makes us want, and when we want there is never enough. This unfulfilled need spawns our stress, greed, anxiety, anger, depression and self-esteem disorders. It goads us to become excessive and trespass natural boundaries.

– it becomes self-evident that being out of natural sensory balance, our thinking and feeling is motivated to create the nonsense that causes most personal social and environmental problems.

it enables us to identify and correct the heart of our problems, our unwarranted demeaning of nature. This destructive bias in our thinking makes us disconnect ourselves from the healing and recuperative benefits of nature’s purifying flow, in and around us

– it not only connects our psyche with natural attraction facts but with the attractive motivating energy to act from them for that motivating energy is ingrained in these facts. It enhances our ability to make reasonable changes.


“Ishi, (the last hunter-gather Native American) was sure he knew the cause of our discontent. It stemmed from an excessive amount of indoor time. ‘It is not a man’s nature to be too much indoors.”


– Theodora Kroeber


“I take full responsibility and offer my deepest apologies for contemporary society’s destructive relationship with itself and the environment.  Although, since 1973, I have been aware of the singular nature-disconnected cause of our problems as well as a remedy for it, I have been inadequate in effectively conveying this information to most people. For this reason our disorders continue and they now place life as we know it at risk.

– Michael J. Cohen  June 7, 2011

Website Contents

This website presents an outline of the ways and means of Natural Attraction Ecology along with links to additional information about NAE that is found in the books, courses and websites of Dr. Michael Cohen and Project NatureConnect at the Institute of Global Education and Akamai University.

This information has been published, peer reviewed, accredited and verified by professionals and cooperating universities. Its confirming research is the core of several graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Its sixty years of experience is described, referenced and defended by Dr. Cohen in his trade published Ph.D. dissertation Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature(Illumina).

Consider Dr. Cohen’s description of NAE that he contributed to the transition team of Barack Obama: 

Ideally, what we should do.  How to Create Sensible Change and Responsible Economics.

OUR CHALLENGE: 150 million people x $20,000 per person equals $3,000,000,000,000, (three trillion dollars).  That amount, and more, is what the “bailout” for the “recession” is going to cost in the USA.  However, that money is mostly being given to Wall Street, to banks and industry and systems where its contribution disappears as it feeds our nature-biased thinking and economics, where it is gobbled up by the greed and the nature-conquering Ego of our society’s leadership.  

Think about what life would be like if, instead, twenty thousand dollars was paid to each of 150 million individuals (half the USA population) once they passed our short, free, Natural Attraction Ecology online course Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature.

The NAE balancing process that the course teaches removes our detrimental bonds to nature-exploitive relationships with people and places. It accomplishes this by helping the psyche and thinking of an individual connect directly to  nature and become healthier, naturally fulfilled and less wanting, hurt, and greedy.

With assistance from nature’s intelligent, self-correcting and restorative powers:

We would reduce disorders and addictions along with health costs and asocial behavior.

We would increase mental health and cooperation locally and globally. 

Each individual would learn how to gain deep satisfactions by wisely spending that three trillion dollars in self-supporting, balanced ways, ways that strengthened our economy by increasing personal, social and environmental well-being.

Each individual could easily achieve and, as well, teach and strengthen this great turning process because they owned the free NAE tools that enabled them to do so.

NAE could easily produce the immense funding that is needed to change our society into an environmentally and socially unpolluted way of life with a reasonable and sustainable economy.  Presently these funds pay for the natural attraction fulfillment we gain at sports events, the gambling table, story-based entertainment and via excessive technologies. Alternatively, their fulfillment is sustainably available in its original form, cost free, in nature, backyard or backcountry.

Isn’t this a worthwhile goal for our personal lives and society?  Isn’t this the education and change that we want? Isn’t it attractive?

Nobody yet has scientifically proved beyond reasonable doubt that natural attraction is not the essence of the sustainable and purifying way that nature works. To the contrary, the opposite is true.  Until otherwise proved, why not learn how to think, feel and interact using the unifying and self-correcting powers of natural attraction until some better way of building balanced relationships is discovered?  By learning and teaching NAE, any of us can begin to make this happen.

Students of Natural Attraction Ecology have added its process to, and enhanced, most professions and disciplines (listed below). This is especially true for students who have used it in whole life conjunction with: natural history, ecopsychology, ecotherapy, biology, creative writing, hypnotherapy, Native American studies, art therapy, energy medicine, Reiki, love of nature, shaminism, Yoga, parenting, spirituality, relaxation, mid life crisis, increasing hope, conversation strategies and finding higher power.

The attraction that these individuals hold in common is that they are, or have learned to become, enlightened appreciators of nature and its attractiveness. They deeply love, respect and benefit from the self-correcting ways of natural systems and our planetary home, Earth.



Significant Properties of  Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE)
NOTE: The links found in the paragraphs, below, take you to additional information about the topic of the paragraph. The major source of the linked information is located online at as well as in the trade published edition or online E-book Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN).  It is also part of the Project NatureConnect website and About.Com.
The Axioms of NAE
Nature-connected axioms are an essence of NAE.  They are rooted in the fundamental observation that humanity is part of nature. They are empirical statements that arise from us considering our intelligent felt sense motivating experiences with nature in and around us. Examples of NAE axioms include “I can see that the sun is shining” or “I enjoyed feeling the tree vibrate in the wind” or “The fields are green and beautiful,” or “I love my dog and I see and feel that he loves me.”
NAE axioms come into language directly through the truth conveyed and registered through, in a natural area, our natural sense of consciousness and one or more of our additional 52 natural attraction senses. The axioms are pure, empirical and self-evident. For this reason they significantly contribute to intelligence and scientific thinking and they are universally factual, as is life itself.
Felt sense axioms help our thinking reverse the distorted motivations that mislead us into becoming destructively sliced away from our living planet and its attraction for unity and wellness. 
*see ECHN Page 28
“The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge.”

– Maria Montessori.
“Feelings are the truth, we don’t live in the real world when we ignore what we are feeling.”
– David Viscott  
NAE axioms are as accurate as the fact that you can see this page and are reading these words right now. This fact is true because the page purely connects and registers directly in your psyche via many natural senses and feelings. These include your/our senses of color, of contrast, of sight, shape, consciousness, trust, place, reason, language, distance, motion, curiosity, beauty and space. Each provides a special satisfaction.
“Our abstract thinking is no more reasonable or discriminating, logical and consistent than are our feelings.”
– Carl Jung

Trusting Experience

THE CRITICAL QUESTION: If the most intelligent person in the Industrial World proved mathematically, or otherwise, that you are not reading these words right now, would you believe that expert and his or her proof, orwould you believe your sensory reading experience, here, in this moment?

Be alarmed. With respect to nature, most of us in Industrial Society are socialized to believe and trust the “expertise” of Industrial Society and its nature-disconnected leaders rather than natural attraction truths that we personally sense and experience in nature as well as in our relationships with the natural in each other and ourselves.

As part of society’s excessive conquest of nature, our leaders, including scientists, teach, reward or bully us to demean and mistrust the fulfilling natural attraction senses and sensations of our sensory contacts with nature’s flow, in and around us.

The world and we are in trouble because most of us are trained to think or feel that expertly knowing “2 + 2 = 4” is more valuable, rewarding and true than respecting the integrity of a sunset, celebrating a forest or treasuring the validity of our natural senses.

Truth to tell, “2 + 2 = 4” is actually not true in nature.

Can your thinking comfortably acknowledge that many balancing natural attraction essences of the Universe are, at this moment, flowing through you as well as through the space between this screen and yourself.

Can you acknowledge that often, without knowing it, you register natural attractions subconsciously?

The socializing and indoctrinating bias of Industrial Society is so powerful that it misguides our reasoning to attach to and trust information that is obviously based on a falsehood such as “A dog’s tail is one of its legs.”

Sometimes it helps to realize that our greatest leaders, thinkers and Ph.D’s were not around to create or direct the 4.5 billion year construction of  Planet Earth’s life community and its perfection. We do know, however, that the intelligence of  natural attraction was at work the entire time, and that we can be grateful that it continues to work and be available to us today.  How often do we thank nature and express our deep gratitude for this contribution to our happiness and well being?  How often do we pledge our allegiance to it?

On Mother Earth’s 5-billion year old time scale, our nature-disconnected, literary-substitute, story way of knowing and relating is only drop of water just added to an attractive and healthy living universe pond that Natural Attraction has created over the eons. 

Misguided Socialization
As earlier mentioned, we and Earth endure many disorders because, from early on, our prejudiced against nature society socializes/motivates us to applaud the “advanced intelligence” of industrialization and to deny the value of, and our satisfactions from, our natural attraction experiences. This loss of the natural unbalances us. We become sliced from “the ball” and we endure the injurious effects of the loss of attractions to it and ourselves.
When a vast majority of us temporarily “vacate” our industrial lives and our habitual thinking, we go on vacation. For re-creation, (sic) we often fulfill our natural attractions to nature and visit a natural area. For example, annually, over nine million of us, alone, visit Smoky Mountain National Park.
Most of us have had at least one attractive experience in nature that was organic and spontaneous. It was a memorable and valuable happening that was not prescribed, taught or structured.  This occurred because natural attraction is neither foreign nor abnormal. Rather it is a fundamental part of being human, alive and a central element in the whole of the global ecosystem.
Half-Truth Stories

NAE recognizes that many of Industrial Society’s stories about life are detrimental and inaccurate simply because nature and life are not a story.Rather, they are a phenomenon, an immediate-experience attraction dancethat our natural senses register and bring into our consciousness when in contact with a natural area.

The dance consists of ever changing, mutually supportive, self-balancing and correcting attraction growth relationships between all parts of the web of life, including us.
We inherit the attraction and the ability to consciously register and enjoywhat our natural senses experience in natural areas. This free gift from nature motivates us to reasonably think in conjunction with nature’s balanced ways in order to make sense of life and our lives.
NAE helps us reattach our attraction-detached psyche to its origins in nature in exactly the same way that a surgeon reattaches a dismembered arm to a person’s body. The surgeon skilfully brings the arm and body together. This allows natural attraction and its intelligence to biologically connect and heal the separation as only it can do.
NAE and some of its major axioms are offered, below, to encourage us to make scientific sensory NNIAL contact with nature, backyard or backcountry. Our troubles arise when we don’t make this contact with nature in and around us. It is as if our leaders say:
“Let me drive you across this dangerous road to where it is best for you to be.”
“Are you an expert? Do you even know how to drive or what is best?”
“No, but I read a book about it.”
We are in trouble because a book can’t drive an automobile.

As shown by some of the quotations on this page, ancient and modern people who have had good natural attraction experiences in natural areas have recognized that neither a book, teacher nor parent made the experiences happen. Sensitively being in a natural area made it possible for nature itself, in and around us, to make them happen.
NAE activities help you make the experiential education benefits of others happen for yourself.

“I do not wish to hear about the moon from someone who has not been there”


– Mark Twain
Ancients and moderns have used the first-hand information, thoughts and feelings from their natural sensory attraction contacts in natural areas to construct undeniable axioms about how nature works:
Based on natural attraction being an immediate, wise, living, conscious, balancing and motivating essence of Earth and the universe we can see that:


NAE Axiom 1
Nature is a non-literate dance.

No sane human being has ever reported hearing or seeing real plants, animal or minerals speak or write or read to each other with words. It is reasonable to conclude that Nature, across the eons andexcluding humanity, has known and organized itself through a non-literate, non-verbalized, unwritten attraction message and communication process.

“There is a constant and intimate contact among the things that coexist and co-evolve in the universe – a sharing of bonds and messages that makes reality into a stupendous network of interaction and communication.  It is this ‘sharing of messages’ in Nature that keeps it in balance.”

– Ervin Laslo



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NAE Axiom 2
To be part of a system anything, or anyone, must somehow be in communication with that system, so that the system and the individual, or thing, can supportively relate to each other without trespassing.

Since humanity is part of the global ecosystem and the ecosystem is non-literate, we must somehow be in non-literate contact with the system, and vice versa.

“Wind over the lake: the image of inner truth.”

– I Ching circa 1200 B.C.

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