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The Power of Pure Science

When we seek and find attraction in our lives, we discover that it draws or attaches things together, for example, gravity, a natural attraction, works to hold us on solid land while it keeps the solar system together, too.Attraction is not only something real, it is also universal and natural. It is everywhere, from the inside of an atomic particle to the galaxies and beyond.No matter the originating source of attraction, since the beginning moment of our universe, out of the “vacuum” that preceded it, natural attraction, in its attraction to grow, has attracted, pulled or bound “things” together. This is true, no matter what the “things” are. They can be the nucleus of, or the wholeness of the original atoms of the universe, or of the same atoms as they exist today.

The things can be a molecule, or our body, or our senses, mind and psyche. The “things” can be the sun or the rest of the universe.

Most nouns and pronouns identify and label “things.”  Most things, including genetic interactions, are made of atomic relationships that are held together by natural attraction.

Verbs describe acts. Acts are always natural attraction energy in action. Too often, however, our acts are misguided or misinterpreted by inaccurate or nature-disconnecting stories.  

Look around and within yourself.  We are, and we live in, an extraordinarily attractive, alive, natural world. This is because its essence is eons of self-organizing natural attraction growing more attractive, moment by moment.


That the galaxies increase their speed outward and away from each other, along with other evidence, suggests that, as in a seed, an ancient, livingattraction or love to grow holds the universe together in unity. Scientific findings suggest that that attraction “force” is also the original hot attraction of the “big-bang” event to cool.

Natural attraction is the prime source of all the energy, matter and consciousness in the Universe. As such it is the name of an identified thing and deserves to be capitalized: Natural Attraction (NA)

“Human beings and all living things are a coalescence (attraction) of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness.”

– Lynne McTaggart

Even an atheist might agree that in our universe, something like “God” or a creation force actualizes him/her/its self as natural attraction that is found everywhere.

“By his work the master is known.”


– Jonas Yost

Reasonable evidence from scientific observations of the Universe and the presently observed remains of its origins suggest that the true beginning of the Universe was its hot, explosive seed of natural attraction energy to begin…to be…to grow.

The source of the natural attraction for the Universe to become itself may remain a mystery, miracle or argument.  However, the history of its growth and development has long been studied by many sciences.

Scientists have observed processes that demonstrate how, since its inception, the natural attraction energy of the Big Bang was attracted to progressively cool and coalesce its strings and sub-atomics into atoms, and they, in turn, into the resonating molecules, elements and compounds of our present day world including organic and non-organic life.  This process, along with its cycles and attraction resonances, are scientifically observed and explaineduniversal, unifying qualities.  Attraction may be a miracle or a mystery but its operation and effects have long been studied and understood.

“I thank God for beginning this world with natural attraction and trusting that attraction seed to grow into attractive relationships.”  

– Project NatureConnect Student

Universal Qualities

Since we know the “NNIAAL” qualities of the universe that we see today, including ourselves as part of it, we can reason (theorize) that the essence of the original natural attraction contained the roots of these qualities. This brings new facts into play.  The original natural attraction essence had to bealive in some way. It had to have some kind of motivation and consciousnessand intelligent desire to grow, moment by moment, into greater attraction, topulsate into becoming, through diversity, an ever increasing and stronger universal attractiveness whose homeostatic balancing, self-correcting and purifying powers we experience today in nature and its beauty, around and in us.

Each of these powers is attractive and is a function that has grown from that fundamental natural attraction in action.

It can be accurately said that this attraction essence and its attributes is what the Universe has “given us.”

Note that we spend much of our “story life” trying to define and answer questions that arise about the how? what? when? and why? of life, Earth and the universe.   Each answer we come up with usually leads to duality (one or more additional questions and answers) and therefore more questions and arguments endlessly.  This is because we learn to reject that the aliveness, consciousness and other pulsating qualities of Natural Attraction (as above) are not questionable. Rather they are, and have grown from, the inherent, attractive potential of an undivided, non-literate yet conscious, natural attraction, self-organizing energy at the original moment of the Big Bang.

This single, green, organic natural attraction unity can be seen as being true as part of the Big Bang moment, no matter its often fiercely argued origin or source. (See the Big Bang Water Analogy)


“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the (introduce additional) facts.”

– Albert Einstein


We cause and suffer our many problems because we are trained to follow misguided stories and labels that our indoor society creates. These half-truth tales omit that we must gather vital information about how to relate to the world in balanced ways by making conscious sensory contact with the balancing powers of natural attraction in natural areas. This seems controversial because although we inherit this ability, we are taught to ignore it. However, our good experiences in nature demonstrate its truth, as does good science.

We unjustly fear nature and suffer because we too often reject natural attraction and its qualities to be the whole, supportive core of the Universe and of life as we know it. Instead, we get prestige, paid and profit for conquering and exploiting nature and its natural attraction energies.  This includes payment for inventing and applying cures for the disorders that we create by deteriorating the life-supportive ways of natural attraction in and around us.

We seldom learn to recognize that the universal, homeostatic, tension-relaxation pulse of all relationships is formed by a strong-weak, strong-weakattraction pulse, not by attraction-repulsion. For example, the rest periodbetween contractions of the heart is not repulsion. Neither is the shorter-longer shorter-longer distance between Planet Earth and the Sun as Earth orbits around it. Neither is the night-day night-day pulse of our planet. Neither is the yin-yang phenomenon nor appetite-excretion. They are all the natural attraction dance of homeostasis in action.

Each pulse in nature is simply part of the all-encompassing, homeostatic life pulse dance of our natural attraction universe as it is attracted to grow into becoming the next moment. Tension followed by relaxation/recovery are the resonating, balancing, life-pulse of nature’s intelligent, natural attraction essence.“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name.”

– Confucius

We suffer because we have been attached to a false story. It says that we should fear nature in and around us because it is dangerous, it may hurt, repulse, reject or abandon us, that it, or we, are not attractive. This is false with respect to natural attraction, the essence and whole of nature that flows around and through us.

Things go better when our thinking and feeling respectfully seek the assistance of the essence nature’s wholeness and the wisdom of its restorative attraction powers. Like a fish out of the water, our psyche really wants to get back into the pond.  It does not just want be aware that the pond is there and get an “A” as our grade for knowing this fact.

“We are drifting toward catastrophe beyond conception. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

– Albert Einstein

The Process

As it has through the eons, today, the original natural attraction of the Universe “to be” is a growing, alive and aware, reasonable and pulsating natural act. It is a verb because it is always doing something. Although we may label it “spiritual” or “non-material” or “quantum,” moment by momentnatural attraction continues to flow, dance, weave and strengthen the diverse, yet balanced and pure, web-of-life of the universe. This flowing dance includes the life community of our planet as well as the diverse organ systems in each of us, including our psyche.

Our eye can’t see itself, however, we can identify our eye through the  “correct” word/label/concept of it: “eye” as well as the effects of its presence on our other natural senses including sight, color, motion, form etc.

Similarly, in humanity, the essence/consciousness of natural attraction can’t see itself.  It needs the correct word/label/concept to identify in language and sensation, what it truly is and does as nature’s essence.

We have too long overlooked that “Natural Attraction” is the correct name/label for natural attraction and for our innate ability to sense and experience it.  To call nature’s and our essence anything else continues to mislead us. This is because the dance of natural attraction is the only thing that our story way of knowing and our biological/sensory selves fully hold in common. Scientifically, Natural Attraction is the source of both.

Over its 14 billion year history, the universe has organically built, registered and related to itself through natural attraction relationships.

A dilemma that we face is that in these late moments of its vast eons, natural attraction has been registered and related to by humanity, as a concept,as literate, abstract, nature-disconnected and often misleading word and symbol stories and beliefs, not as attraction-based, sensory and participatorycontact relationship dance with natural areas.

Our stories may helpfully mirror natural attraction to us but, like an eye reflected in a mirror, they are not it. The stories don’t have the balancing and self-correcting powers of natural attraction. For this reason we may understand/exhalt/worship and participate in stories, beliefs or questionable information, but this seldom changes our adverse behavior. Rather, it often reinforces it.  This is exemplified by the ineffectiveness of many rituals or the warning labels on cigarettes or laws that we continually break.

Our excessive attachments to our literacy/story process prevent us from benefiting from genuine, sensory, natural attraction relationships. These relationships are not stories alone. Rather, they include attractive bonding acts with nature, with the real thing, backyard or back country.

Challenging problems arise as our indoctrination by our limited story-world removes our psyche from tapping into and experiencing in nature the balanced acts and ways of natural attraction’s eons. This is very difficult to correct because we learn these stories, unedited by our undeveloped sense of reason, during early childhood. We hold them as blind attachments or sensory beliefs whose effects we, as adults, can see are disheartening, yet we seldom can easily change the irresponsible ways we think or feel.

Without being grounded in nature’s balanced wisdom, our thoughts and feelings wander astray. We applaud our unleashed, runaway creativity and imagination, the human spirit, while neglecting to make genuine contact with, celebrate and strengthen the ever present and guiding attraction ways of nature, in and around us.

We suffer by putting aside our natural attraction planetary and universal citizenship contacts. We favor, instead, less effective or destructive stories beliefs or replacements of them.  In addition, our therapies for the injury this nature-disconnection produces often consists of the same nature-disconnected process whose negative effects we are trying to reduce.  It is as if sensory connection with nature is a crime or an illicit affair.


“I have no need to make sensory contact with natural areas for guidance or support because, through prayer, I directly connect with their source in heaven.”


– Minister at a PNC workshop


Our Story World

Our nature-disconnected, abstract, story way-of-knowing arrogantly crowns itself as an intelligent king of the world.

The “King” demeans the natural-attraction based universe and Earth with a story that says that the latter are uncivilized, sinful nature, that nature and its attraction relationships have been created for us to use as resources.

Separated from nature’s self-correcting powers, we build non-organic, nature-disconnected relationships that deteriorate personal, social and environmental well-being. We see their destructive side effects but, due to our thinking’s loss of nature‘s restorative ways, we seldom can reverse them, even when we desperately want to.

Our great challenge is that we teach our psyche the false story that for us to survive we must conquer or dominate nature and its natural attraction ways.  We are motivated to be winners. We train and pay our thinking and relationships to omit, demean, bully, own, exploit or subdue the raw balance and beauty of nature’s organic attraction essence, as it flows in and around us.


Our sense or ability to register and distinguish color is one of our 53 inherent natural senses.  Genetically and experientially, we hold this ability in common with insects. This helps explain why flowers are so colorful (as well as fragrant). Colors and scents attract specific insects to feed on the flower’s nectar as well as fertilize them, thereby enhancing both flower and insect survival.

You can test for yourself that we/you are indoctrinated to powerfully register colors as words, as abstract names or labels for colors, rather than as our inherent natural attraction sensitivities to register them as colors, as a “colorful” way to produce mutually supportive survival relationships with the web of life.

Sadly, we teach ourselves that it is most important for us to be aligned with, and salute, our special “right way of life” story. We learn to argue, hate, fight or kill over misguided, paper-thin, non-whole (unholy) tales, labels and beliefs.

Most of our stories are ungrounded. They are sensory-limited or incorrect tales and beliefs about imaginary, insufficient evidence, dualistic sources of natural attraction. They are also about the enticing rewards and profits to be made from conquering or owning natural attraction powers, relationships and things.


The peacefully balanced natural world neither produces our garbage and pollution nor the many other abusive problems that result from our excessiveness and conquest of nature. This is because nature’s purifying attraction powers are self-correcting.  In concert, they organize, sustain, grow and balance the natural world, including us, in a diverse, healthy and beautifully nurturing equilibrium. Every “thing” in nature belongs, nothing is abandoned, including you and I.

In nature, all things are unified and attached by attraction. Everything is in community and wanted. Each thing’s existence depends upon its attractive ability to contribute to the welfare of other things and to the whole.

As part of nature, humanity genetically inherits nature’s attraction to peacefully support and restore optimal life relationships. The heart of each of our genetic molecules consists of natural attraction in action, as does the heart of us. Most of these genetic molecules give us the ability to register the world through our senses and sensations.

As you are attracted to this page or things on it, you are consciously sensing an aspect of the universal attraction we are bathed in.

You and I are born instinctively knowing that, Natural Attraction lives and it is attractive.

Cultural Bias

A warped prejudice against nature story in contemporary thinking unbalances us. It makes our consciousness reject and lose contact with the therapeutic and renewing attraction ways of natural systems, in and around us.  We need and seek a missing healing for this loss. We say that “We can’t find it” even while knowing from direct experience, as well as research, in natural areas that our undisturbed sensory contact with authentic nature has demonstrated its ability to prevent or restore this loss as well as provide healing that we seek.

Due to our disrespectful bias against nature’s attractive embrace, our loss of vital sensory fulfillment from nature’s renewing ways produces a discomforting hole in our psyche. This void leaves us depressed, anxious, wanting, needy and domineering. We feel fearful, abandoned from our global and universal life support. In our attraction-based lives, abandonment is a symptom of death.

In desperation, to fill our sensory void we become greedy, excessive and insensitive.  Out of control and reasonableness, we further invade and trespass nature. In turn, we further deteriorate personal, social and environmental well-being.


“If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.”

Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perce (1840 – 1904);