Learn to think like, and with Nature

naturalattractionecologyWe Welcome Your Inquiring Mind, Heart and Spirit.

Thank you for your attraction to visit this website and for recognizing the value of good experiences you have enjoyed in natural areas.

A question for you: Do you think you are you aware of the prime source of the attraction for this page that you may right now feel/sense/experience? Do you know the origin and essence of that attraction?

Natural Attraction is both a noun and a verb that has its own integrity and universal history.

THE SOURCE. Do you think you are willing to consider that the felt sense attraction that motivated you to visit here, like any attraction, is a moment by moment continuum and expression of the original “Big Bang” natural attraction seed that grew time and space and each instant continues to grow into and is a fundamental unifying essence our universe, of its atomic nature and balanced perfections?

Is it possible for you to evaluate or accept good evidence that the singular original attraction energy that coalesced into the first sub-atomic particles and atoms was attracted to grow with and explosion of gravity into being the scientifically verified “Standard Universe,” including our living planet and the essence of each of us today, including our senses, body, mind and spirit?

I ask you this because most of us have been trained not to accept this evidence. It usually feels strange or foreign.  It is often a major jump in consciousness simply because we are socialized to be excessively disconnected from nature and awareness of our true nature.

Congratulations are in order.  Your attraction to this page demonstrates that some part of you enjoys a rare, but extraordinary, natural consciousness that is usually driven, often hurtfully, into our subconscious. There it can distort what we think and feel without us knowing it and disastrously influence how we build relationships.

Your desire to be here signifies that you have a healthy and intelligent way of knowing that is attracted to nature’s supportive ways, to life in its natural balance, purity and beauty. Our goal is to strengthen and support this special attribute in you so that you can further personal, social and global well-being and help others do the same.


To our great loss, we are usually paid to ignore, demean or exploit our natural attractions and nature. We often learn to repress our ability to see or feel them. We spend most of our lives trying to artificially replace their loss to us as well as heal the pain that we feel from it.

“I can train my eye to expertly see the world, yet my eye can’t see itself. The eye that my eye sees in a mirror is false.  I know this from experience because when I am attracted to place my hand over my mirrored eye, I still can see.”

As you read these words, you are looking directly at and through what contemporary humanity is desperately seeking. You can’t see it and you have learned to ignore how you sense or feel it. What it is, is natural attraction, the natural attraction “energy” of the eons that fills the space between you and this screen or page in this instant and the next. Thisancient attraction organized itself to build and continue to sustain your body, mind and spirit, including your natural senses. They have the ability to consciously register your natural attraction sensitivities.

One of these natural attractions is Gravity. You already know full well that if you hold a pencil in front of the screen and then let go of it, gravity will attract it to the floor.

Consider this example: I occasionally ask people what they experience, think or feel when they salute the flag. Their answer usually describes their values and/or conflicts with regard to saluting, pledging allegiance, or God being in the Pledge.  What they often fail to mention is that while they are engaged in saluting they are also registering and reacting to their natural sense of Gravity. Usually, gravity is neither in their consciousness nor their thinking, yet, if their saluting arm does not respond to its sense of gravity, their arm will fall to their side. They won’t be able to salute.  

Like most of us, folks who are saluting have learned to omit the sense and sensibility of gravity from how they consciously think and feel. We and they seldom register it, nor do we morn its loss in our psyche.  To the contrary, we give awards to those who can overcome it, who can jump the highest or invent airplanes and rockets.

Although we have lost continual conscious sensory contact with Gravity, it is part of nature in action. Gravity is one of the earliest forms of natural attraction, one that helped the energies of the universe relate to each other as “things” shortly after the “Big Bang.”

On Earth, today, Gravity attracts rain to the ground. It holds the atmosphere, soil, oceans and us to the planet, and the planet to the Sun. This also can be seen as “An endearing embrace by Mother Earth for us and Father Sun to be attached to her.”  Gravity can be recognized as a “nature hug” that has guided us to grow a skeletal system so we can be upright and mobile and respond to nature and our planet in ways that benefit all. Mother Earth gives the same gravity hug to every other form of life. This helps us all be one as we are naturally drawn to hug each other. And, in fact it does help us.

Is thinking like the above “fuzzy”?  Or is true sanity our recognition that we suffer many disorders because we think that this thinking is fuzzy?

Our thinking’s loss of conscious registration of the sense/sensation of Gravity is a key problem that we learn to ignore. This loss is not unique. It occurs with our 45 additional inherent natural attraction senses as well.

If we don’t frequently experience or love gravity and nature like we love our country, what then motivates us to adequately respect, protect or preserve nature, within and around us? The answer is “very little” and the at-risk state of nature, Industrial Society and our sanity is the result.

The insanely unbalanced and deteriorated state of the world demonstrates that nature, along with ourselves as part of it, suffer from our insensitive neglect or conquest of nature.

When healthy, nature seldom causes nor displays our destructive effects on people, places and things. For example, nature does not produce  garbage or pollution as it sustains its optimums of life, diversity and cooperation. This is not a miracle, it is natural attraction in action. It is how nature works.

Be alarmed. Our sensory loss, described above, not only holds true for our sense of gravity. Again, it is equally true for our loss of at least 45 additional natural senses that we are similarly taught to neglect. These include our inherent natural attraction senses of trust, community and place, of beauty, humility and love…sensitivities we appreciate even in our dog.

With respect to nature, we have trained ourselves to feel senseless, to lose the conscious, supportive value of belonging to the global life community. This duality has caused us to lose much of our sensibility and intelligence IQ potential

By not consciously thinking or feeling with the self-correcting sensibility of  natural attractions, we insensitively produce many of our disorders. In addition we lose nature’s recycling power to help us compost our polluted thinking and remedy our disorders.

We have a major problem. Our socialization programs us to sever our thoughts and feelings from nature’s self-correcting powers, balance and beauty. Like addicts, we learn, instead, to seek and support the satisfactions we gain from the excessively nature-destructive ways of Industrial Society.  This can be seen as a form of madness. It is insane to addict to destroying our own life-support system.

Fortunately, a potent solution is available for this dilemma. The nature-connecting methods and materials of Natural Attraction Ecology provide us with a natural preventative and antidote for our warped mentality. Its potent activities for educating, counseling and healing with nature are readily accessible to those who are sensible enough to use and teach them as part of their lives and livelihood.

Our deterioration of peace, environment and society results from the consciousness of most individuals, be they great leaders or preschool children, being robbed of its inborn ability to think like the attractive integrity of nature’s purity, balance and beauty work. Instead, our psyche continues to be injuriously programmed to pledge allegiance to the robbers.

Learning how to add NAE to our personal or professional lives,  makes an important contribution to the benefit of our families, clients, Earth and ourselves.  More than 800 unsolicited testimonials support this fact.

Gravity is a natural attraction energy that originated in the Big Bang origin of our universe. It is one of many universal natural attractions that we can experience at any given moment.  There are at least 50 additional
natural attraction senses that we are born to consciously register to help us contribute to our personal and global well-being. 

We are trained to believe that we think with, and know the world through five senses. But gravity is not one of them.  Is it not real or important? Or is it, instead, that our socialization has misguided us?

You are presently looking at and through air. Would you like to become aware of your inherent natural attraction to air? Hold your breath. You’ll soon feel your hunger for it attracting you to breathe (sense #21). Which one of our “five” senses do you think is that calling, sense or sensation? Isn’t it an intelligence?

In the inter-screen space you are looking through right now, there are 50 more natural attractions that you may experience once you become aware of them. For example, isn’t the attraction of Earth’s magnetism present in this space so that it influences a compass needle placed there? Aren’t the images of birds or the page colors attractive? Don’t they reach you through this inter-screen space?  Don’t your electromagnetic senses in your nervous system and space enable you to think, feel and act?  Have they not, at times electrified you?

Consider this carefully: If air was poisonous and it did not convey colors, sounds, smells, motions, temperature, sunlight and other attractions, we would not be alive in the way we are now. The fact is that we do live in and with air and with gravity. This is because it and we are identical. We, together, are built and grow from the same original Big Bang NNIAAL aliveness, consciousness and intelligence of natural attraction that evolves and sustains us and everything else in mutually supportive balance.

If you are reading this with interest, your consciousness of nature is very special. Unlike the consciousness of many others, yours refuses to be overwhelmed by the hurtful and destructive shortcomings of Industrial Society. It refuses to give up your inborn natural attraction to sensitively live in, and contribute to, a healthier world in its natural, peaceful balance.

Your natural consciousness and sensibility is attracted to learn how to help things recover and come into a life-supportive equilibrium. We are dedicated to give you powerful tools and to support you in this effort.

Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) is a proven and internationally accredited enabling science for reasonable change. Its online training courses and degree programs include the Higgs Boson and devote themselves to helping you strengthen and implement your naturally attractive, inherent, whole-life way of thinking and feeling.

NAE empowers you to increase personal, social and environmental well-beingas a livelihood while you master the NAE process. You may optionally obtain subsidized degrees, CEU’s and certificates in it.

Our normal, excessively detrimental ways tend to avoid NAE. They seldom herald or support it because it is a very reasonable, but also a very inconvenient, truth. It empowers anybody to help bring humanity into sane and fair balance. That often interferes with our greedy profiteering and destructive exploitation of people and places.

Our Challenging Problems

A truly civilized path does not lead to our excessive: fears-disorders-mistrust-greed-alcoholism-violence-profits
trespasses-abuse-drugs-conflict-child abuse-lawlessness-poverty -stress-pollution-molestation-isolation-extinction-exploitation -prejudice-global warming-corruption-animal cruelty-rape-injustice -bigotry-anxiety-side effects–overpopulation-imbalances
-criminality ad nauseum.

You, no doubt, recognize that most of us are not naturally born with the outrageous problems that we in Industrial Society daily cause and face. Unfortunately, we are educated as well as socialized/indoctrinated/conditioned to create and live out the misguided stories that excessively produce these problems.

Without our consent, we have been programmed to provoke and fight an undeclared war against nature.

Within and around us, nature suffers the symptoms of traumatic stress due to our war with it. We seldom recognize this travesty to be a disorder because it is “normal.”  It happens continually.

Are you aware that our personal, social and environmental troubles continue to grow because they hold a destructive source in common? That source is a learned story, a prejudicial and conquering attitude against our inborn natural attraction for Mother Nature, in and around us.

Our prejudicial fixation disconnects our psyche from the essence of nature’s self-correcting and restorative powers. It desensitizes us to them. We have learned to seldom identify or address our “normal,” but misguided, nature-separated way of thinking, feeling and relating. Yet, just a short, quiet walk in a natural area demonstrates these powers.

Project NatureConnect’s NAE courses, degrees and impact offer you a proven natural therapeutic preventative and remedy for many problems that we face.  Its natural attraction research and expedition education process helps you improve your livelihood, increase well-being and reduce environmental problems.  It’s sustainable ways enable you to eliminate the attraction-destructive source of our problems while you help others do the same.

Humans have spent 99.9 per cent of their genetic and evolutionary history in natural environments. In this light, getting back to nature through NAE is a psychological and physiological homecoming.

You may easily benefit by adding NAE to any relationship, livelihood, degree or profession.