Natural Attraction Ecology

The sensory science of the dance of nature in and around us

Our personal and global well-being depends upon how we treat natural attraction for it is the essence of being in balance and the way Nature works.

Out of shame for our unnecessary destructiveness, we deny that Industrial Society's story during our childhood indoctrinates us to excessively exploit nature's balanced essence as it dances in, through and around us.

Our denial of our indoctrination hides from us the source of most personal, social and environmental disorders.

The sensory science of Natural Attraction Ecology enables our thoughts, feelings and relationships to consciously interlace with their origins in the restorative and self-correcting powers of nature, backyard or backcountry.  Through this purifying connection we enjoy the benefits of
  • recognizing our denial,
  • reversing our disorders and
  • increasing well-being.  


Natural Attraction Ecology

The Pure  Art, Love and Rationale of Creating Therapeutically Balanced Relationships:
A Practical Community Application of Spirituality 


Sensory Education, Counseling and Healing With Nature, in and around us.

ONLINE: organic environment and psychology careers, warrantied facts, courses, grants and
degree programs 
that increase personal, social and environmental well-being 

"Because our eyeglasses are distorted, we see and act in
distorted ways.  In turn, we distort the world.  The
nature-connecting process
of Natural Attraction Ecology 
provides us with organic, undistorted glasses."

Those who recognize that humanity is part of nature often overlook this monumental fact:
The picture, below, is a photograph of you and I as natural attraction relationships and their spirit. We were them before they were attracted over the eons to organize themselves as humanity. We continue to be a seamless continuum of them (with one exception). For this reason, the photo also portrays the balanced intelligence of our natural senses and our conscious and subconscious mind. 

Have you ever experienced the happiness and spiritual quality of a quiet, renewing walk in a natural area?  It demonstrates this major scientific truth, a fact that we often overlook:

When we quietly visit a natural area, we calm down, think better and feel good. This is because the natural attractions of our 54 natural senses connect our psyche with the self-correcting grace, balance and purifying power of our origins in nature. We begin to experience our natural selves, the dance of who we are and were before we were socialized into being today's nature-disconnected consumers and mentalities.

The nurturing energy of a peaceful visit in nature reduces stress because:   There are 162 nature activities that help us recapture and sustain our overwhelmed and disconnected natural balance. Learn to use and teach them; increase your intelligence and well-being. These therapeutic exercises can be a gift to yourself, others and your livelihood. 

- Axiom 13, Natural Attraction Ecology 


























































































































Online, Green, Holistic, Natural Attracion Ecology Degrees, Courses and Career Training: Accredited, Funded, Nature-Connected Alternative Education includes life experience and prior instruction, natural independent thinking and 
sustainable environmental social networking

Although we are part of nature and most of us have experienced renewal while in nature, on average, 99 percent of how we think, feel and act is disconnected from nature's self-correcting and restorative powers. The duality of this hurtful separation produces most of our problems and disorders. 

Project NatureConnect
gives us new organic sensory tools that we desperately need. They help us gain consent from natural areas to connect with nature's purifying ways to increase our personal, social and environmental well-being. This includes our intelligence to share these tools with others for the betterment of all.


Project NatureConnect
Institute of Global Education

Special NGO Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Council

Green Mental Health, Social Work and Stress Management.
Outdoor work,  environmental education and
green counseling processes to enhance self-worth, earth wisdom and alternative naturopathic medicine.
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......Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., Director

........... ..
The Origins of Project NatureConnect and Natural Attraction Ecology

....In 1959, Dr. Michael J. Cohen founded an extraordinary Trailside expedition education school. Emanating in 1946 from Progressive Camping and Josh Lieberman's Creative Camping programs, it was based on learning how to genuinely connect with nature as community, to experience the flow of our living Earth, in and around us.
....Through natural attraction sensations and feelings that were energized into consciousness during sensory contacts in natural areas, young or old, students and staff alike learned to commune with the web-of-life community including themselves. Nature taught them to enjoy, validate and incorporate the self-correcting wisdom of the web in their thinking and feeling.
....The National Audubon Society identified this program as the most revolutionary school in America. In it:
  • ....Chemical dependencies, including alcohol and tobacco, disappeared as did destructive social relationships.
  • ....Personality and eating disorders subsided; violence, crime and prejudice were unknown.
  • ....Academics improved because they were applicable, hands-on and fun.
  • ....Loneliness, hostility and depression subsided. Group interactions encouraged stress release and management; each day was fulfilling and relatively peaceful.
  • ....Participants using meditation found they could enhance it, or not need it, as they helped build their nature-connected community.
  • ....Participants knew each other better than they knew their families or best friends. They felt safe and developed the resilience to express and act from their deeper thoughts and feelings. A profound sense of social and environmental responsibility guided their decisions.
  • ....When vacation periods arrived, neither staff nor student wanted to go home. Each person had enjoyably worked to build this supportive, balanced living and learning group. They were home.
  [1993 APA Journal: The Humanistic Psychologist]

.....The sane and applicable process of Cohen's Trailside School expedition education, not the madness of Industrial Society's excessiveness, is the source of Natural Attraction Ecology methods and materials. They have received additional verification with the 2012 affirmation of the Higgs Bosen and Gravity explosion waves

Greetings Honored Guest,
We Welcome Your Inquiring Mind, Heart
and Spirit.

Thank you for your attraction to visit this website and for recognizing the value of good experiences you have enjoyed in natural areas.  

A question for you: Do you think you are you aware of the prime source of the attraction for this page that you may right now feel/sense/experience? Do you know the origin and essence of that attraction?

Natural Attraction is both a noun and a verb that has its own integrity and universal history.

THE SOURCE. Do you think you are
willing to consider that the felt sense attraction that motivated you to visit here, like any attraction, is a moment by moment continuum and expression of the original "Big Bang" natural attraction seed that grew time and space and each instant continues to grow into and is a fundamental unifying essence our universe, of its atomic nature and balanced perfections?

Is it possible for you to evaluate or accept good evidence that the singular original attraction energy that coalesced into the first sub-atomic particles and atoms was attracted to grow with and explosion of gravity into being the scientifically verified "Standard Universe," including our living planet and the essence of each of us today, including our senses, body, mind and spirit?

I ask you this because most of us have been trained not to accept this evidence. It usually feels strange or foreign.  It is often a major jump in consciousness
simply because we are socialized to be excessively disconnected from nature and awareness of our true nature.

Congratulations are in order.  Your attraction to this page demonstrates that some part of you enjoys a rare, but extraordinary, natural consciousness that is usually driven, often hurtfully, into our subconscious. There it can distort what we think and feel without us knowing it and disastrously influence how we build relationships.

Your desire to be here signifies that you have a healthy and intelligent way of knowing that is attracted to nature's supportive ways, to life in its natural balance, purity and beauty. Our goal is to strengthen and support this special attribute in you so that you can further personal, social and global well-being and help others do the same.


To our great loss, we are usually paid to ignore, demean or exploit our natural attractions and nature. We often learn to repress our ability to see or feel them. We spend most of our lives trying to artificially replace their loss to us as well as heal the pain that we feel from it.

"I can train my eye to expertly see the world, yet my eye can't see itself. The eye that my eye sees in a mirror is false.  I know this from experience because when I am attracted to place my hand over my mirrored eye, I still can see."

As you read these words, you are looking directly at and through what contemporary humanity is desperately seeking. You can't see it and you have learned to ignore how you sense or feel it. What it is, is natural attraction, the natural attraction "energy" of the eons that fills the space between you and this screen or page in this instant and the next. This ancient attraction organized itself to build and continue to sustain your body, mind and spirit, including your natural senses. They have the ability to consciously register your natural attraction sensitivities.

One of these natural attractions is Gravity. You already know full well that if you hold a pencil in front of the screen and then let go of it, gravity will attract it to the floor.

Consider this example: I occasionally ask people what they experience, think or feel when they salute the flag. Their answer usually describes their values and/or conflicts with regard to saluting, pledging allegiance, or God being in the Pledge.  What they often fail to mention is that while they are engaged in saluting they are also registering and reacting to their natural sense of Gravity. Usually, gravity is neither in their consciousness nor their thinking, yet, if their saluting arm does not respond to its sense of gravity, their arm will fall to their side. They won't be able to salute.  

Like most of us, folks who are saluting have learned to omit the sense and sensibility of gravity from how they consciously think and feel. We and they seldom register it, nor do we morn its loss in our psyche.  To the contrary, we give awards to those who can overcome it, who can jump the highest or invent airplanes and rockets.

Although we have lost continual conscious sensory contact with Gravity, it is part of nature in action. Gravity is one of the earliest forms of natural attraction, one that helped the energies of the universe relate to each other as "things" shortly after the "Big Bang." 

On Earth, today, Gravity attracts rain to the ground. It holds the atmosphere, soil, oceans and us to the planet, and the planet to the Sun. This also can be seen as "An endearing embrace by Mother Earth for us and Father Sun to be attached to her."  Gravity can be recognized as a "nature hug" that has guided us to grow a skeletal system so we can be upright and mobile and respond to nature and our planet in ways that benefit all. Mother Earth gives the same gravity hug to every other form of life. This helps us all be one as we are naturally drawn to hug each other. And, in fact it does help us.

Is thinking like the above "fuzzy"?  Or is true sanity our recognition that we suffer many disorders because we think that this thinking is fuzzy?

Our thinking's loss of conscious registration of the sense/sensation of Gravity is a key problem that we learn to ignore. This loss is not unique. It occurs with our 45 additional inherent natural attraction senses as well.

If we don't frequently experience or love gravity and nature like we love our country, what then motivates us to adequately respect, protect or preserve nature, within and around us? The answer is "very little" and the at-risk state of nature, Industrial Society and our sanity is the result.
The insanely unbalanced and deteriorated state of the world demonstrates that nature, along with ourselves as part of it, suffer from our insensitive neglect or conquest of nature. 

When healthy, nature seldom causes nor displays our destructive effects on people, places and things. For example, nature does not produce  garbage
or pollution as it sustains its optimums of life, diversity and cooperation. This is not a miracle, it is natural attraction in action. It is how nature works.

Be alarmed. Our sensory loss, described above, not only holds true for our sense of gravity. Again, it is equally true for our loss of at least 45 additional natural senses that we are similarly taught to neglect. These include our inherent natural attraction senses of trust, community and place, of beauty, humility and love...sensitivities we appreciate even in our dog. 

With respect to nature, we have trained ourselves to feel senseless, to lose the conscious, supportive value of belonging to the global life community. This duality has caused us to lose much of our sensibility and intelligence IQ potential

By not consciously thinking or feeling with the self-correcting sensibility of  natural attractions, we insensitively produce many of our disorders. In addition we lose nature's recycling power to help us compost our polluted thinking and remedy our disorders.  

We have a major problem. Our socialization programs us to sever our thoughts and feelings from nature's self-correcting powers, balance and beauty.
Like addicts, we learn, instead, to seek and support the satisfactions we gain from the excessively nature-destructive ways of Industrial Society.  This can be seen as a form of madness. It is insane to addict to destroying our own life-support system.

Fortunately, a potent solution is available for this dilemma. The nature-connecting methods and materials of Natural Attraction Ecology provide us with a natural preventative and antidote for our warped mentality. Its potent activities for educating, counseling and healing with nature are readily accessible to those who are sensible enough to use and teach them as part of their lives and livelihood.

Our deterioration of peace, environment and society results from the consciousness of most individuals,
be they great leaders or preschool children, being robbed of its inborn ability to think like the attractive integrity of nature's purity, balance and beauty work. Instead, our psyche continues to be injuriously programmed to pledge allegiance to the robbers.

Learning how to add NAE to our personal or professional lives,  makes an important contribution to the benefit of our families, clients, Earth and ourselves.  More than 800 unsolicited testimonials support this fact.

Gravity is a natural attraction energy that originated in the Big Bang origin of our universe. It is one of many universal natural attractions that we can experience at any given moment.  There are at least 50 additional
natural attraction senses that we are born to consciously register to help us contribute to our personal and global well-being.   

We are trained to believe that we think with, and know the world through five senses. But gravity is not one of them.  Is it not real or important? Or is it, instead, that our socialization has misguided us?   

You are presently looking at and through air. Would you like to become aware of your inherent natural attraction to air? Hold your breath. You'll soon feel your hunger for it attracting you to breathe (sense #21). Which one of our "five" senses do you think is that calling, sense or sensation? Isn't it an intelligence?

In the inter-screen space you are looking through right now, there are 50 more natural attractions that you may experience once you become aware of them. For example, isn't the attraction of Earth's magnetism present in this space so that it influences a compass needle placed there? Aren't the images of birds or the page colors attractive? Don't they reach you through this inter-screen space?  Don't your electromagnetic senses in your nervous system and space enable you to think, feel and act?  Have they not, at times electrified you?

Consider this carefully: If air was poisonous and it did not convey colors, sounds, smells, motions, temperature, sunlight and other attractions, we would not be alive in the way we are now. The fact is that we do live in and with air and with gravity. This is because it and we are identical. We, together, are built and grow from the same original Big Bang NNIAAL aliveness, consciousness and intelligence of natural attraction that evolves and sustains us and everything else in mutually supportive balance.

If you are reading this with interest, your
consciousness of nature is very special. Unlike the consciousness of many others, yours refuses to be overwhelmed by the hurtful and destructive shortcomings of Industrial Society. It refuses to give up your inborn natural attraction to sensitively live in, and contribute to, a healthier world in its natural, peaceful balance.

Your natural consciousness and sensibility is attracted to learn how to help things recover and come into a life-supportive equilibrium. We are dedicated to give you powerful tools and to support you in this effort. 

Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) is a proven and internationally accredited enabling science for reasonable change. Its online training courses and degree programs include the Higgs Boson and devote themselves to helping you strengthen and implement your naturally attractive, inherent, whole-life way of thinking and feeling.

NAE empowers you to increase
personal, social and environmental well-being as a livelihood while you master the NAE process. You may optionally obtain subsidized degrees, CEU's and certificates in it.  

Our normal, excessively detrimental ways tend to avoid NAE. They seldom herald or support it because it is a very reasonable, but also a very inconvenient, truth. It empowers anybody to help bring humanity into sane and fair balance. That often interferes with our greedy profiteering and destructive exploitation of people and places.

Our Challenging Problems

A truly civilized path does not lead to our excessive: fears-disorders-mistrust-greed-alcoholism-violence-profits
trespasses-abuse-drugs-conflict-child abuse-lawlessness-poverty -stress-pollution-molestation-isolation-extinction-exploitation -prejudice-global warming-corruption-animal cruelty-rape-injustice -bigotry-anxiety-side effects--overpopulation-imbalances
-criminality ad nauseum.

You, no doubt, recognize that most of us are not naturally born with the outrageous problems that we in Industrial Society daily cause and face. Unfortunately, we are educated as well as socialized/indoctrinated/conditioned to create and live out the misguided stories that excessively produce these problems.

Without our consent, we have been programmed to provoke and fight an undeclared war against nature.

ithin and around us, nature suffers the symptoms of traumatic stress due to our war with it. We seldom recognize this travesty to be a disorder because it is "normal."  It happens continually.  

Are you aware that our personal, social and environmental troubles continue to grow because they hold a destructive source in common? That source is a learned story, a prejudicial and conquering attitude against our inborn natural attraction for Mother Nature, in and around us.

Our prejudicial fixation disconnects our psyche from the essence of nature's self-correcting and restorative powers. It desensitizes us to them. We have learned to seldom identify or address our "normal," but misguided, nature-separated way of thinking, feeling and relating. Yet, just a short, quiet walk in a natural area demonstrates these powers.

Project NatureConnect's NAE courses, degrees and impact offer you a proven natural therapeutic preventative and remedy for many problems that we face.  Its natural attraction research and expedition education process helps you improve your livelihood, increase well-being and reduce environmental problems.  It's sustainable ways enable you to eliminate the attraction-destructive source of our problems while you help others do the same.

Humans have spent 99.9 per cent of their genetic and evolutionary history in natural environments. In this light, getting back to nature through NAE is a psychological and physiological homecoming.

You may easily benefit by adding NAE to any relationship, livelihood, degree or profession. 
See testimonials to this effect


Connecting With Nature

"My daily walks take my dog Petey and me through some old Pennsylvania woods.
Not too long ago, it was easy for me to have had so much going on in my mind that I hardly even noticed, much less appreciated, everything that was going on in nature around me. Other times, having felt no connection to the natural world, I'd come home thinking maybe I needed to find a more stimulating walking route.
Sound familiar?   

Lately, however, my walks have taken on a whole new   dimension. I feel like a little kid in a candy shop when I venture outside in the morning, thanks to some activities I learned from Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., when he recently met with several Prevention Magazine staff members.

Dr. Cohen practices and teaches NAE Applied Ecopsychology, a new area of psychology that views people as profoundly affected by the natural world. Dr. Cohen is also the author of Reconnecting With Nature (Ecopress, 1997).

He taught us some activities that felt so relaxing and inspiring that we asked him to help us design some for you to try while walking in your neck of the woods.

These exercises are designed to help awaken or sharpen senses you probably haven't paid much attention to. The activities help you recognize more strongly, through direct experience, that you're a part of nature, not apart from it.

Dr. Cohen feels that this recognition helps people "learn to make healthier decisions for themselves and their environments."   In other words, he hopes people can make a profound connection between their psychological health, their sense of well-being and the health of the environment around them by becoming aware of--without talking--all the sensory experiences nature offers.  

The value of these exercises lies solely in what you experience when you do them. If you just read them, they may seem, quite simply, silly. But if you do them and have fun, as we did, you may find a whole new pleasure and energy in taking your daily walks outdoors.

As I did these exercises, I found at times that I didn't trust my own reactions. That's when sharing your feelings or insights with a friend or a group really helps. If you don't have a partner, share your experiences with me or on an online nature-connection course."

- Maggie Spillner, Editor
Walker's World, Prevention Magazine (1997)

The Power of Pure Science

When we seek and find attraction in our lives, we discover that it draws or attaches things together, for example, gravity, a natural attraction, works to hold us on solid land while it keeps the solar system together, too.

Attraction is not only something real, it is also universal and natural. It is everywhere, from the inside of an atomic particle to the galaxies and beyond.

No matter the originating source of attraction, since the beginning moment of our universe, out of the "vacuum" that preceded it, natural attraction, in its attraction to grow, has attracted, pulled or bound "things" together. This is true, no matter what the "things" are. They can be the nucleus of, or the wholeness of the original atoms of the universe, or of the same atoms as they exist today. 
The things can be a molecule, or our body, or our senses, mind and psyche. The "things" can be the sun or the rest of the universe. 

Most nouns and pronouns identify and label "things."  Most things, including genetic interactions, are made of atomic relationships that are held together by natural attraction.

Verbs describe acts. Acts are always natural attraction energy in action. Too often, however, our acts are misguided or misinterpreted by inaccurate or nature-disconnecting stories.  

Look around and within yourself.  We are, and we live in, an extraordinarily attractive, alive, natural world. This is because its essence is eons of self-organizing natural attraction growing more attractive, moment by moment.

That the galaxies increase their speed outward and away from each other, along with other evidence, suggests that, as in a seed, an ancient, living attraction or love to grow holds the universe together in unity. Scientific findings suggest that that attraction "force" is also the original hot attraction of the "big-bang" event to cool.

Natural attraction is the prime source of all the energy, matter and consciousness in the Universe. As such it is the name of an identified thing and deserves to be capitalized: Natural Attraction (NA)

"Human beings and all living things are a coalescence (attraction) of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness."

- Lynne McTaggart

Even an atheist might agree that in our universe, something like "God" or a creation force actualizes him/her/its self as natural attraction that is found everywhere.

"By his work the master is known."

- Jonas Yost

Reasonable evidence from scientific observations of the Universe and the presently observed remains of its origins suggest that the true beginning of the Universe was its hot, explosive seed of natural attraction energy to begin...to be...to grow.

The source of the natural attraction for the Universe to become itself may remain a mystery, miracle or argument.  However, the history of its growth and development has long been studied by many sciences.

Scientists have observed processes that demonstrate how, since its inception, the natural attraction energy of the Big Bang was attracted to progressively cool and coalesce its strings and sub-atomics into atoms, and they, in turn, into the resonating molecules, elements and compounds of our present day world including organic and non-organic life.  This process, along with its cycles and attraction resonances, are scientifically observed and explained universal, unifying qualities.  Attraction may be a miracle or a mystery but its operation and effects have long been studied and understood.

"I thank God for beginning this world with natural attraction and trusting that attraction seed to grow into attractive relationships."  

- Project NatureConnect Student

Universal Qualities

Since we know the "NNIAAL" qualities of the universe that we see today, including ourselves as part of it, we can reason (theorize) that the essence of the original natural attraction contained the roots of these qualities. This brings new facts into play.  The original natural attraction essence had to be alive in some way. It had to have some kind of motivation and consciousness and intelligent desire to grow, moment by moment, into greater attraction, to pulsate into becoming, through diversity, an ever increasing and stronger universal attractiveness whose homeostatic balancing, self-correcting and purifying powers we experience today in nature and its beauty, around and in us.

Each of these powers is attractive and is a function that has grown from that fundamental natural attraction in action.

It can be accurately said that this attraction essence and its attributes is what the Universe has "given us."

Note that we spend much of our "story life" trying to define and answer questions that arise about the how? what? when? and why? of life, Earth and the universe.   Each answer we come up with usually leads to duality (one or more additional questions and answers) and therefore more questions and arguments endlessly.  This is
because we learn to reject that the aliveness, consciousness and other pulsating qualities of Natural Attraction (as above) are not questionable. Rather they are, and have grown from, the inherent, attractive potential of an undivided, non-literate yet conscious, natural attraction, self-organizing energy at the original moment of the Big Bang.

This single, green, organic natural attraction unity can be seen as being true as part of the Big Bang moment, no matter its often fiercely argued origin or source. (See the Big Bang Water Analogy)

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the (introduce additional) facts."

- Albert Einstein

We cause and suffer our many problems because we are trained to follow misguided stories and labels that our indoor society creates. These half-truth tales omit that we must gather vital information about how to relate to the world in balanced ways by making conscious sensory contact with the balancing powers of natural attraction in natural areas. This seems controversial because although we inherit this ability, we are taught to ignore it. However, our good experiences in nature demonstrate its truth, as does good science.

We unjustly fear nature and suffer because we too often reject natural attraction and its qualities to be the whole, supportive core of the Universe and of life as we know it. Instead, we get prestige, paid and profit for conquering and exploiting nature and its natural attraction energies.  This includes payment for inventing and applying cures for the disorders that we create by deteriorating the life-supportive ways of natural attraction in and around us. 

We seldom learn to recognize that the universal, homeostatic, tension-relaxation pulse of all relationships is formed by a strong-weak, strong-weak attraction pulse, not by attraction-repulsion. For example, the rest period between contractions of the heart is not repulsion. Neither is the shorter-longer shorter-longer distance between Planet Earth and the Sun as Earth orbits around it. Neither is the night-day night-day pulse of our planet. Neither is the yin-yang phenomenon nor appetite-excretion. They are all the natural attraction dance of homeostasis in action.

Each pulse in nature is simply part of the all-encompassing, homeostatic life pulse dance of our natural attraction universe as it is attracted to grow into becoming the next moment.
Tension followed by relaxation/recovery are the resonating, balancing, life-pulse of nature's intelligent, natural attraction essence.

"The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name."

- Confucius

We suffer because we have been attached to a false story. It says that we should fear nature in and around us because it is dangerous, it may hurt, repulse, reject or abandon us, that it, or we, are not attractive. This is false with respect to natural attraction, the essence and whole of nature that flows around and through us.

Things go better when our thinking and feeling respectfully seek the assistance of the essence nature's wholeness and the wisdom of its restorative attraction powers. Like a fish out of the water, our psyche really wants to get back into the pond.  It does not just want be aware that the pond is there and get an "A" as our grade for knowing this fact.

"We are drifting toward catastrophe beyond conception. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."

- Albert Einstein

The Process

As it has through the eons, today, the original natural attraction of the Universe "to be" is a growing, alive and aware, reasonable and pulsating natural act. It is a verb because it is always doing something. Although w
e may label it "spiritual" or "non-material" or "quantum," moment by moment natural attraction continues to flow, dance, weave and strengthen the diverse, yet balanced and pure, web-of-life of the universe. This flowing dance includes the life community of our planet as well as the diverse organ systems in each of us, including our psyche.

Our eye can't see itself, however, we can identify our eye through the  "correct" word/label/concept of it: "eye" as well as the effects of its presence on our other natural senses including sight, color, motion, form etc.  

Similarly, in humanity, the essence/consciousness of natural attraction can't see itself.  It needs the correct word/label/concept to identify in language and sensation, what it truly is and does as nature's essence.

We have too long overlooked that "Natural Attraction" is the correct name/label for natural attraction and for our innate ability to sense and experience it.  To call nature's and our essence anything else continues to mislead us. This is because the dance of natural attraction is the only thing that our story way of knowing and our biological/sensory selves fully hold in common. Scientifically, Natural Attraction is the source of both.

Over its 14 billion year history, the universe has organically built, registered and related to itself through natural attraction relationships.

A dilemma that we face is that in these late moments of its vast eons, natural attraction has been registered and related to by humanity, as a concept, as literate, abstract, nature-disconnected and often misleading word and symbol
stories and beliefs, not as attraction-based, sensory and participatory contact relationship dance with natural areas.  

Our stories may helpfully mirror natural attraction to us but, like an eye reflected in a mirror, they are not it. The stories don't have the balancing and self-correcting powers of natural attraction. For this reason we may understand/exhalt/worship and participate in stories, beliefs or questionable information, but this seldom changes our adverse behavior. Rather, it often reinforces it.  This is exemplified by the ineffectiveness of many rituals or the warning labels on cigarettes or laws that we continually break.  

Our excessive attachments to our literacy/story process prevent us from benefiting from genuine, sensory, natural attraction relationships. These relationships are not stories alone. Rather, they include attractive bonding acts with nature, with the real thing, backyard or back country.

Challenging problems arise as our indoctrination by our limited story-world removes our psyche from tapping into and experiencing in nature the balanced acts and ways of natural attraction's eons. This is very difficult to correct because we learn these stories, unedited by our undeveloped sense of reason, during early childhood. We hold them as blind attachments or sensory beliefs whose effects we, as adults, can see are disheartening, yet we seldom can easily change the irresponsible ways we think or feel.

Without being grounded in nature's balanced wisdom, our
thoughts and feelings wander astray. We applaud our unleashed, runaway creativity and imagination, the human spirit, while neglecting to make genuine contact with, celebrate and strengthen the ever present and guiding attraction ways of nature, in and around us.

We suffer by putting aside our natural attraction planetary and universal citizenship contacts. We favor, instead, less effective or destructive stories beliefs or replacements of them.  In addition, our therapies for the injury this nature-disconnection produces often consists of the same nature-disconnected process whose negative effects we are trying to reduce.  It is as if sensory connection with nature is a crime or an illicit affair.

"I have no need to make sensory contact with natural areas for guidance or support because, through prayer, I directly connect with their source in heaven."

- Minister at a PNC workshop

Our Story World

Our nature-disconnected, abstract, story way-of-knowing arrogantly crowns itself as an intelligent king of the world.

The "King" demeans the natural-attraction based universe and Earth with a story that says that the latter are uncivilized, sinful nature, that nature and its attraction relationships have been created for us to use as resources.

Separated from nature's self-correcting powers, we build non-organic, nature-disconnected relationships that
deteriorate personal, social and environmental well-being. We see their destructive side effects but, due to our thinking's loss of nature's restorative ways, we seldom can reverse them, even when we desperately want to.

Our great challenge is that we teach our psyche the false story that for us to survive we must conquer or dominate nature and its natural attraction ways.  We are motivated to be winners. We train and pay our thinking and relationships to omit, demean, bully, own, exploit or subdue the raw balance and beauty of nature's organic attraction essence, as it flows in and around us.

Our sense or ability to register and distinguish color is one of our 53 inherent natural senses.  Genetically and experientially, we hold this ability in common with insects. This helps explain why flowers are so colorful (as well as fragrant). Colors and scents attract specific insects to feed on the flower's nectar as well as fertilize them, thereby enhancing both flower and insect survival.

ou can test for yourself that we/you are indoctrinated to powerfully register colors as words, as abstract names or labels for colors, rather than as our inherent natural attraction sensitivities to register them as colors, as a "colorful" way to produce mutually supportive survival relationships with the web of life.

Sadly, we teach ourselves that it is most important for us to be aligned with, and salute, our special "right way of life" story. We learn to argue, hate, fight or kill over misguided, paper-thin, non-whole (unholy) tales, labels and beliefs.  

Most of our stories are ungrounded. They are sensory-limited or incorrect tales and beliefs about imaginary, insufficient evidence, dualistic sources of natural attraction. They are also about the enticing rewards and profits to be made from conquering or owning natural attraction powers, relationships and things.

The peacefully balanced natural world neither produces our garbage and pollution nor the many other abusive problems that result from our excessiveness and conquest of nature. This is because nature's purifying attraction powers are self-correcting.  In concert, they organize, sustain, grow and balance the natural world, including us, in a diverse, healthy and beautifully nurturing equilibrium. Every "thing" in nature belongs, nothing is abandoned, including you and I.

In nature, all things are unified and attached by attraction. Everything is in community and wanted. Each thing's existence depends upon its attractive ability to contribute to the welfare of other things and to the whole.

As part of nature, humanity genetically inherits nature's attraction to peacefully support and restore optimal life relationships. The heart of each of our genetic molecules consists of natural attraction in action, as does the heart of us. Most of these genetic molecules give us the ability to register the world through our senses and sensations.

As you are attracted to this page or things on it, you are consciously sensing an aspect of the universal attraction we are bathed in. 

You and I are born instinctively knowing thatNatural Attraction lives and it is attractive.

Cultural Bias

A warped prejudice against nature story in contemporary thinking unbalances us. It makes our consciousness reject and lose contact with the therapeutic and renewing attraction ways of natural systems, in and around us.  We need and seek a missing healing for this loss. We say that "We can't find it" even while knowing from direct experience, as well as research, in natural areas that our undisturbed sensory contact with authentic nature has demonstrated its ability to prevent or restore this loss as well as provide healing that we seek.

Due to our disrespectful bias against nature's attractive embrace, our loss of vital sensory fulfillment from nature's renewing ways produces a discomforting hole in our psyche. This void leaves us depressed, anxious, wanting, needy and domineering. We feel fearful, abandoned from our global and universal life support. In our attraction-based lives, abandonment is a symptom of death.  

In desperation, to fill our sensory void we become greedy, excessive and insensitive.  Out of control and reasonableness, we further invade and trespass nature. In turn, we further deteriorate personal, social and environmental well-being.

"If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys."
Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perce (1840 – 1904);

A Practical Remedy

The pure, empirical science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) helps us address our detrimental fear of, prejudice against, and exploitation of nature.

NAE empowers us to beneficially reduce our greed and our excessive stress and abusiveness by learning how to genuinely connect our psyche, including our 53 natural senses, to our ever-purifying, restorative and satisfying attraction origins in nature.  These natural attractions exist, alive and well, in natural areas, backyard or backcountry. 

The process of our NAE re-connection to the natural world enables us to let the attractive grace of nature's renewing ways to flow through us again. Our senses can register them and this familiarity helps us reduce our bias against nature. We can relate more sensibly to nature in ourselves, others and the environment.

NAE empowers us to change our story world so that our stories help us make genuine sensory contact with nature. This enables us to think, feel and relate organically, like nature's attraction balance works to sustain its purity and well-being.

When we experience them, NAE truths and values are seldom controversial because they are self-evident. They register on our senses so we may think and relate as a supportive part of nature, rather than as an outlaw of it.

A short walk in the park is a temporary "fix" that demonstrates the beneficial effects of nature on our psyche.  We seldom recognize that this genuine contact with a natural area is not simply getting away from our problems. What we actually do on such a walk is temporarily connect the sensory essence of our psyche to its attractive, self-correcting roots in nature's peaceful balance and beauty.  The calming, beneficial, clear-thinking results speak for themselves.  They are more than just "recreation" or "an escape from real life." They are natural attraction producing re-creation.   

What registers from our contact with a natural area is more real and true than 2 + 2 = 4. Anybody can use this contact as a hard, material fact, like conceiving and experiencing it to be a life-saving stream or rope or mother that supports us. This helps us recognize and share that natural attraction is authentic and that it has value.

In actuality, the "stream" is our lifelong umbilical cord to Mother Earth. It is natural attraction flowing through everything right now, including you and I and the space between you and this screen, too.  Do you recognize that it is not empty space?  That thinking in ways that disconnect our consciousness from our natural attractions to the stream are destructive?

The attitude and process of Natural Attraction Ecology provides us with a fully objective science, one that uniquely includes the "subjective" truth and history of our 53 natural attraction senses and feelings.

NAE benefits our lives by enabling our psyche to habitually make sensory connections to nature into a permanent and therapeutic way of thinking and feeling. It gives us the motivation and ability to continually join our heart, mind and spirit with
authentic nature's healing ways and strengthen ourselves and nature in the process.

NAE helps us create moments that let Earth and Nature teach us what they know we need to know.

"I think I never fully knew what was missing in my life, I never fully realized the void until I was introduced and given a new screen of consciousness. A new screen that is placed there by nature, through nature, and with nature. All of a sudden one is conscious of the void and conscious that before a deep understanding of one’s connection with nature is expressed, life seems a lot more duller and unfulfilled. For me it was like I knew that I wanted to get from point A (my lack of presence, fulfillment, and completeness) to point B (a state of peace, joy, love, and total presence with the eternal now). Reading books, having conversations, journaling, watching specific movies all inspired me but nothing gave me a specific avenue, a gateway, a process to link these two points until my moments with nature in this course. It was as if a link that was severed is being repaired and that link was my lifeline to myself and a more holistic understanding of the world around me. Like a spider web that was torn and is being put back together link by link, slowly I was awakened to to parts of myself I never fully tapped."


A reviewed and published synopsis of Natural Attraction Ecology and how to use it is now online.  To view The Miracle of Something From Nothing, Select Here

Although we live in a technologically successful human society, we suffer because its undue disdain for nature and the natural excessively exploits and deteriorates the whole of life.

Like a cancer, our distortion of, and assault on, nature's attraction process, in and around us, produces a wide range of life-problems and disorders.

For example:

1.Under optimum conditions, a ball, in its balanced perfection, will roll true on its course. 

2. If we take an excessive slice out of the ball, neither the slice nor the ball will roll true. Neither will function properly (dysfunction) because they will have been separated and lost their integrity.   Fulfillments they may have enjoyed from their mutually beneficial attraction and support for each other will have disappeared and/or become painful.

3. The excessive slice will cause things that are connected to either the injured ball or to the slice, to suffer the disorders that develop.

Natural Attraction Ecology helps us recognize that natural attractions hold together the life and spirit of a very special ball, the planetary globe that we call Earth. It has, and has enjoyed through the eons, the life of its own balanced perfection, beauty and integrity (Axiom 10, below).

NAE also helps us recognize that we are part of our living planet's very nature. For this reason, when our story way of knowing makes us think poorly about, or act adversely to, the workings of Earth and its systems, we separate our mind, body and spirit from the whole-earth natural attraction community. With our loss of its integrity and nurturing, we become "excessive slices." This makes us cause hurtful problems for the natural world and for ourselves as part of it.  

Our misguided thinking and relationships with Earth have, through our traditional and incomplete, sensory-omitting, science, increasingly socialized us to live as excessive slices from our planetary ball.

Our faulted science indoctrinates us to slice through the nurturing, self-correcting attractions that flow through and unify our planetary home, Mother Earth. This separation produces
injurious personal, social and environmental disorders. It erodes our mental health. It goads us into making "improvements" that, for a profit, excessively pave over nature's paradise . 

With respect to living in balance with Earth, our thinking and feeling is bewildered (meaning separated from naturally attractive wilderness values and ways).

Devoid of natural attraction connectedness, our thinking and feeling does not know how to reconnect the hurtful, separated slice we have made of ourselves and our society.  

Like a short circuit, because our disorders try to protect us from further hurt and harm, we seldom acknowledge that we are excessive slices and that we sustain our disorders by remaining excessive.  Those who recognize this phenomenon and respond to it by reconnecting our psyche to natural areas, backyard or back country, benefit accordingly. They help others and Earth benefit through the reconnecting process, too. Unfortunately, our nature-oppressive society often looks askance at us and this process.

To help us deal with the distortion in our science and technology, as well as in our "civilized" thoughts, feelings and acts,
NAE provides us with momentous truths and restorative, mind-recycling activities. They help us attach our psyche back to the authentic, balancing, self-correcting ways of our self, planet and nature, ways that we naturally hold in common.

The NAE process gives us the means and motivation to reunite the slice and the ball.  Instead of being "slicers" we learn how to beneficially think and relate as "kin."

NAE is a unique and profound organic science because, using empirical, experience-based facts, it is entrenched in helping our consciousness and relationships integrate how natural systems work their perfection. It helps us overcome the prejudice in Industrial Society's limited thinking, a prejudice that separates us from long-established and vital natural attraction relationships. Again, it is this separation that produces our society's
unbalanced imitations of, and harmful substitutes for, nature's renewing grace.

Any system or form of life that separates from its nurturing roots will suffer from, as well as cause disorders.  We are no exception.

Living a Lie

NAE is sometimes controversial. It disturbs our ego, our self-image, simply because it reflects that we are habitually motivated to perpetrate a destructive distortion that we know is unreasonable, yet we can't stop doing it.  It is addictive.

The lie that we continually practice is for our thinking and ego-story to deny that all of nature is attraction-based and that this attraction includes us and our natural attraction senses and feelings.  For example, our sense or sensation of thirst is an observable and felt natural attraction fact. When our body lacks water, thirst is a motivational force, an active measurable intelligence IQ that attracts us to water and requests, with increasing intensity, that we act accordingly. By reasonably urging us to drink water thirst makes us join and become part of the water cycle and its self-purifying perfection.

 along with our reactions to it, is just as real, true and important as is water itself. Both are essential parts of nature and its aliveness in balance. Both make sense and are facts of life, part of life's survival. Yet we learn to believe we only have five senses and thirst is not one of the five nor is it an intelligence.  How intelligent is that?

The sense/sensation of thirst in ourselves and other things, is seldom included as part of our planet's global water cycle. However, it obviously is.  This sense, like each of our other natural senses, is a true fact, a fact of life.

"My 5 year old went to school and told her kindergarten teacher that there were more than 5 senses.  When the teacher asked how she knew that she said 'Because I sense it.' "

- Project NatureConnect Student Report

Each of our 53 natural attraction senses is a continuum, growth and diversification of the original Big Bang natural attraction to be. As that original attraction grew into the atoms and molecules for water, it also formed the molecular relationships in our genetics that produce the sensation of thirst so that we, and other living things, are conscious that we need water when we need it.  

In addition to thirst, our reasoning omits another 47 natural motivating attraction senses. To our detriment, we say that they undermine scientific objectivity, that they are subjective, flaky or fuzzy-thinking granola.

Industrial society teaches us to forget what we innately know. Each sense, when fulfilled in a good way, produces uplifting satisfaction and fulfillment that reverses stress, depression and anxiety disorders along with building increased resistance and immunities. Quenching our thirst feels good, including our thirst for knowledge, sensation and belonging.

Is it any wonder that by omitting the value and powers of most of our natural attraction senses, with respect to living in balance with nature in and around us and each other, our lives are more and more becoming non-sense?  

Can we trust our reasoning if it is based on limited or faulty information?

"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"The Field (natural attraction) is the only reality"

- Albert Einstein

It is a central concept in science and the scientific method that all evidence must be empirical, or empirically based, in other words, not simply theoretical, spiritual or "as if" conclusions. Valid scientific data is derived from our experiences or observations.  It is dependent on evidence or consequences that are observable by, or registered in, the senses. They hold and convey its truth.

- Wikipedia Encyclopedia (edited)

"It is questionable that any science worth the name can accurately describe how nature works if it depends upon evidence from sterile, static and controlled laboratory sources alone. Nature's natural attraction dance consists of ever-changing motion and attraction/direction towards attractive survival.   Scientific attitude must support this truth of nature if it is not to deteriorate the whole of life and its perfection. Scientific methodology can meet this goal simply by intelligently validating sensations and feelings as the facts of life that they are."

- Michael J. Cohen


Originally, in the 1940's, and
at that time very controversial, the science of Ecology discovered local life relationships to be built largely on food chains. This, over time, grew into Ecology becoming the study of local and global natural systems and their cyclic flow.

Today, researchers additionally observe the obvious. From atomic particles to materials to solar systems, everything is held together in the dance of a balanced, pulsating ecological unity by natural attraction and its diversity.  Its diversity includes the energies of gravity, magnetism, valence bonds, strong forces, weak forces, needs, desires, feelings, senses and loves.

Many of these natural attractions register in human consciousness as at least 53 natural senses. They include our senses and sensations of thirst, of community, of trust, of reason, of consciousness, of place along with 47 others.

"In and around us, the greatest truth is that pure natural attraction "love" is the wisdom of the ages actively being itself and growing in each present moment."

- Jonas Yost

Our natural senses, individually and in congress, help our thinking be aware of, and
appropriately relate to, the natural world in the moment. For example, if we don't relate appropriately to our natural attraction sense of gravity, as previously noted, we end up collapsing to the ground and we are unable to get up.  If our biological makeup ignored gravity, we might not grow our skeleton.  

The attraction sense of gravity is obviously real and important, yet we do not include it as one of the five senses by which we say we know and relate to the world.

We don't need to prove the sense of gravity or any of our other natural attraction senses. They are self-evident, in other words, empirical. They register directly in our senses whenever we don't block them from doing so.

Too often we forget that the scientific method does not prove a thought to be true, instead it helps us disprove wrong ideas or beliefs.  What is true is self-evident as it registers on our multiplicity of natural senses in congress.   

Again, the nature-disconnected, story-world way we learn to think and feel omits reasonable and satisfying signals from at least 47 self-evident natural senses. This frustrates these senses causing us to lose much of the intelligent sense, sensitivity and sensations we need to make sense and to solve our senseless problems in a good way.

In addition, our story world often uncomfortably hooks into consciousness the hurtful, subconscious-buried, frustrations of our natural attraction senses. As we become conscious of them, we feel them and we suffer and act out their hurt.

The Contribution
of NAE

Experts in most fields often identify the many problems our society suffers. However, they seldom offer practical solutions and effective tools that help us deal with these problems.  For this reason, the problems continue to trouble us.

The genius of NAE is that, via our natural attraction senses,
it accurately identifies the misguided motivating point source of our unbalance and disorders. It also provides us with a readily available process that helps us heal by eliminating that misguided source and by activating the self-correcting powers of natural attraction
NAE is an scientific, sensory methodology,
an enabling tool that empowers us to interlace our natural senses with their natural attraction source in nature's balance and beauty. This connection in a natural area provides reasonable, intelligent, conscious, sensory knowledge and satisfaction.

NAE helps us think, feel and relate sensitively and sensibly because it incorporates the self-correcting powers
of earth and nature, in their natural perfectiondescribed below.

Using the proven methods and materials developed, since 1959, by Dr. Michael J. Cohen and his Applied Ecopsychology students at Project NatureConnect, NAE helps us increase well-being at every level. Because this process is new and radical, it bears repeating here that it accomplishes its goal by helping our reasoning, thoughts and feelings to genuinely tap into the balancing natural attraction ways and spirit of authentic nature and its intelligent systems, backyard or backcountry. 

As we think and learn in natural areas from unadulterated sensory biofeedback experiences, the organic process of NAE empowers us to beneficially recycle and transform the garbage and contaminates that seep into our psyche from Industrial Society. They compost into, and become, constructive balanced relationships that benefit all.

Via NAE, our thinking regains the natural-sense ability to reasonably guide all our relationships. How we think and feel then includes the sensory and restorative wisdom of natural systems and their flow, in and around us. The results are remarkable.

The crucial contribution of NAE is that, unlike most other disciplines, it is whole and true because
  • it is based on empirical observations and attraction evidence that we directly experience in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.
  • It helps us learn to adequately understand and deal with our problems, in and from direct connections to nature and its natural intelligence. (see examples, below).  
  • It can be beneficially added to any other discipline or relationship building process, including conflict resolution.

In summary, the NAE process helps us increase well-being by validating unadulterated factual input and satisfactions from our 
53 motivating natural senses. These inherent senses are our inborn, self-organized, self-balancing (homeostatic), natural attraction way of knowing that we register and share with Earth's web-of-life and the universe. They connect our thinking and relating with nature's wise integrity and produce satisfactions. This provides us with legitimate, critically important NNIAL facts of life.

To our loss, closeted "objective" science and academics usually reject these facts, along with "love" and "spirit" as the "dazed" or "environmentalist," "fuzzy thinking" of "Earth Muffins" They must be facts however since they are the very senses on which empirical scientific evidence registers.

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein

A Fundamental Conclusion

In the final analysis, no matter what they be, the needs, goals and wants that we feel or that we design, are always signals to satisfy one or more of our natural senses.

Fulfilling these senses through direct sensory contact with nature, in people and/or places:

  • is most direct.
  • is the least expensive.
  • is organic.
  • produces the lowest negative environmental and social impact.
  • is a choice that provides nurturing rewards to the benefit of all.
  • is sustainable.
  • is intelligent 
  • is satisfying
  • is timeless

How NAE Works

NAE is functional.  By energizing our 53 natural senses while we are in natural areas, NAE helps our thinking make conscious sensory contact with the attraction essence that we hold in common with the global life community and the universe. It motivates and enables us to tap into the ways and wisdom of authentic nature so that we can make greater sense of our lives and reverse our unbalanced nonsense.

Consider this example concerning our natural attraction to trust: if you are reading this information on or from a computer, your natural attraction sense of trust is in play.

You are attracted to trust that the words on this screen can give you information.

You may not trust what the words here say, but you trust that they have the ability to provide important knowledge. Otherwise why would you be paying attention to them here?

Paying attention to the words, here, is attractive. One of our 53 natural senses, our unique sense of literacy, is simply another form of natural attraction. 

What you also are attracted to trust here is the logic and value of the scientific method and the dedicated attraction of scientists to it.

You trust the intelligence of the reasonable thinking and technology that discovered the power of a computer and the use of electronic communication to convey information. It works. It contributes and has value if it is applied in a way that is fair and benefits all.

Reasonable thinking is attractive and it makes sense so to naturally reward us, it releases chemicals like Dopamine and Endorphins in us and thereby feels good. That is how nature intelligently works with our natural attraction sense of reason and with all our other natural senses, singly or in congress.  Their fulfillment creates good feelings. For this reason, it feels good to own or use a computer.

In NAE, the application of this same trustable scientific thinking process, has helped us discover how and why Industrial Society is excessively destructive. As previously described, in addition, NAE provides us with a motivating thought and action process that enables us to reverse our detrimental ways and the damage they inflict. For this reason, it makes sense to pay attention to NAE, to respect and benefit from the holism of its scientific methodology.

NAE is a true root and basis for what theoreticians or spiritualists sometimes call whole life "conservation psychology," "ecopsychology," "integral ecology" or "ecotherapy."

Natural Attraction Ecology is effective because:

- it sees that contemporary people seldom realize they are citizens of two different civilizations and ways of knowing:

1. The very ancient non-literate global web-of-life community of "nature," that consists of the biological plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, including humanity and our "old brain".

2. The very recent literate, human life community of Industrial Society, its "new brain" stories and their effects.

- it recognizes that nature alone, not the theoretician or professor, is the fountainhead of authority about how nature works to produce its special perfection.

- it notes that we suffer our great problems because we spend, on average, over 98 percent of our time, thinking and feeling while separated from nature's self-correcting grace and its feel-good, regenerative, attraction ways.

- it observes that over 18,000 hours of our impressionable childhood years are spent indoors in school with our thoughts, feelings and motives disconnected from nature's attraction wisdom.

it makes us aware that when our 53 natural senses are inadequately fulfilled, we lose natural joy and we experience natural attraction deprivation. As previously mentioned, this deprivation makes us want, and when we want there is never enough. This unfulfilled need spawns our stress, greed, anxiety, anger, depression and self-esteem disorders. It goads us to become excessive and trespass natural boundaries.

- it becomes self-evident that being out of natural sensory balance, our thinking and feeling is motivated to create the nonsense that causes most
personal social and environmental problems.

- it enables us to identify and correct the heart of our problems, our unwarranted demeaning of nature. This destructive bias in our thinking makes us disconnect ourselves from the healing and recuperative benefits of nature's purifying flow, in and around us

- it not only connects our psyche with natural attraction facts but with the attractive motivating energy to act from them for that motivating energy is ingrained in these facts. It enhances our ability to make reasonable changes.

"Ishi, (the last hunter-gather Native American) was sure he knew the cause of our discontent. It stemmed from an excessive amount of indoor time. 'It is not a man's nature to be too much indoors."

- Theodora Kroeber

"I take full responsibility and offer my deepest apologies for contemporary society's destructive relationship with itself and the environment.  Although, since 1973, I have been aware of the singular nature-disconnected cause of our problems as well as a remedy for it, I have been inadequate in effectively conveying this information to most people. For this reason our disorders continue and they now place life as we know it at risk."

- Michael J. Cohen  June 7, 2011

Website Contents

This website presents an outline of the ways and means of 
Natural Attraction Ecology along with links to additional information about NAE that is found in the books, courses and websites of Dr. Michael Cohen and Project NatureConnect at the Institute of Global Education and Akamai University.  

This information has been published, peer reviewed, accredited and verified by professionals and cooperating universities. Its confirming research is the core of several graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Its sixty years of experience is described, referenced and defended by Dr. Cohen in his trade published Ph.D. dissertation Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (Illumina).

Consider Dr. Cohen's description of NAE that he contributed to the transition team of Barack Obama: 

Ideally, what we should do.  How to Create Sensible Change and Responsible Economics.

OUR CHALLENGE: 150 million people x $20,000 per person equals $3,000,000,000,000, (three trillion dollars).  That amount, and more, is what the "bailout" for the "recession" is going to cost in the USA.  However, that money is mostly being given to Wall Street, to banks and industry and systems where its contribution disappears as it feeds our nature-biased thinking and economics, where it is gobbled up by the greed and the nature-conquering Ego of our society's leadership.  

Think about what life would be like if, instead, twenty thousand dollars was paid to each of 150 million individuals (half the USA population) once they passed our short, free, Natural Attraction Ecology online course Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature.

The NAE balancing process that the course teaches removes our detrimental bonds to nature-exploitive relationships with people and places. It accomplishes this by helping the psyche and thinking of an individual connect directly to  nature and become healthier, naturally fulfilled and less wanting, hurt, and greedy.

With assistance from nature's intelligent, self-correcting and restorative powers:

We would reduce disorders and addictions along with health costs and asocial behavior.

We would increase mental health and cooperation locally and globally. 

Each individual would learn how to gain deep satisfactions by wisely spending that three trillion dollars in self-supporting, balanced ways, ways that strengthened our economy by increasing personal, social and environmental well-being.

Each individual could easily achieve and, as well, teach and strengthen this great turning process because they owned the free NAE tools that enabled them to do so. 

NAE could easily produce the immense funding that is needed to change our society into an environmentally and socially unpolluted way of life with a reasonable and sustainable economy.  Presently these funds pay for the natural attraction fulfillment we gain at sports events, the gambling table, story-based entertainment and via excessive technologies. Alternatively, their fulfillment is sustainably available in its original form, cost free,
in nature, backyard or backcountry.  

Isn't this a worthwhile goal for our personal lives and society?  Isn't this the education and change that we want? Isn't it attractive?

Nobody yet has scientifically proved beyond reasonable doubt that natural attraction is not the essence of the sustainable and purifying way that nature works. To the contrary, the opposite is true.  Until otherwise proved, why not learn how to think, feel and interact using the unifying and self-correcting powers of natural attraction until some better way of building balanced relationships is discovered?  By learning and teaching NAE, any of us can begin to make this happen.

Students of Natural Attraction Ecology have added its process to, and enhanced, most professions and disciplines (listed below). This is especially true for students who have used it in whole life conjunction with: natural history, ecopsychology, ecotherapy, biology, creative writing, hypnotherapy, Native American studies, art therapy, energy medicine, Reiki, love of nature, shaminism, Yoga, parenting, spirituality, relaxation, mid life crisis, increasing hope, conversation strategies and finding higher power.

The attraction that these individuals hold in common is that they are, or have learned to become, enlightened appreciators of nature and its attractiveness. They deeply love, respect and benefit from the self-correcting ways of natural systems and our planetary home, Earth. 


Significant Properties of  Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE)

NOTE: The links found in the paragraphs, below, take you to additional information about the topic of the paragraph. The major source of the linked information is located online at http://www.ecopsych.com/ksanity.html as well as in the trade published edition or online E-book Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN).  It is also part of the Project NatureConnect website http://www.ecopsych.com and About.Com.

The Axioms of NAE
Nature-connected axioms are an essence of NAE.  They are rooted in the fundamental observation that humanity is part of nature. They are empirical statements that arise from us considering our intelligent felt sense motivating experiences with nature in and around us. Examples of NAE axioms include "I can see that the sun is shining" or "I enjoyed feeling the tree vibrate in the wind" or "The fields are green and beautiful," or "I love my dog and I see and feel that he loves me." 
NAE axioms come into language directly through the truth conveyed and registered through, in a natural area, our natural sense of consciousness and one or more of our additional 52 natural attraction senses. The axioms are pure, empirical and self-evident. For this reason they significantly contribute to intelligence and scientific thinking and they are universally factual, as is life itself. 
Felt sense axioms help our thinking reverse the distorted motivations that mislead us into becoming destructively sliced away from our living planet and its attraction for unity and wellness. 
*see ECHN Page 28
"The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge."

- Maria Montessori.
"Feelings are the truth, we don't live in the real world when we ignore what we are feeling."
- David Viscott  
NAE axioms are as accurate as the fact that you can see this page and are reading these words right now. This fact is true because the page purely connects and registers directly in your psyche via many natural senses and feelings. These include your/our senses of color, of contrast, of sight, shape, consciousness, trust, place, reason, language, distance, motion, curiosity, beauty and space. Each provides a special satisfaction.
"Our abstract thinking is no more reasonable or discriminating, logical and consistent than are our feelings."

- Carl Jung 

Trusting Experience

THE CRITICAL QUESTION: If the most intelligent person in the Industrial World proved mathematically, or otherwise, that you are not reading these words right now, would you believe that expert and his or her proof, or would you believe your sensory reading experience, here, in this moment?
Be alarmed. With respect to nature, most of us in Industrial Society are socialized to believe and trust the "expertise" of Industrial Society and its nature-disconnected leaders rather than natural attraction truths that we personally sense and experience in nature as well as in our relationships with the natural in each other and ourselves.

As part of society's excessive conquest of nature, our leaders, including scientists, teach, reward or bully us to demean and mistrust the fulfilling natural attraction senses and sensations of our sensory contacts with nature's flow, in and around us.

The world and we are in trouble because most of us are trained to think or feel that expertly knowing "2 + 2 = 4" is more valuable, rewarding and true than respecting the integrity of a sunset, celebrating a forest or treasuring the validity of our natural senses.

Truth to tell, 
"2 + 2 = 4" is actually not true in nature.

Can your thinking comfortably acknowledge that many balancing natural attraction essences of the Universe are, at this moment, flowing through you as well as through the space between this screen and yourself.

Can you acknowledge that
often, without knowing it, you register natural attractions subconsciously?

The socializing and indoctrinating bias of Industrial Society is so powerful that it misguides our reasoning to attach to and trust information that is obviously based on a falsehood such as "A dog's tail is one of its legs."  

Sometimes it helps to realize that our greatest leaders, thinkers and Ph.D's were not around to create or direct the 4.5 billion year construction of  Planet Earth's life community and its perfection. We do know, however, that the intelligence of  natural attraction was at work the entire time, and that we can be grateful that it continues to work and be available to us today.  How often do we thank nature and express our deep gratitude for this contribution to our happiness and well being?  How often do we pledge our allegiance to it?

On Mother Earth's 5-billion year old time scale, our nature-disconnected, literary-substitute, story way of knowing and relating is only drop of water just added to an attractive and healthy living universe pond that Natural Attraction has created over the eons.   

Misguided Socialization
As earlier mentioned, we and Earth endure many disorders because, from early on, our prejudiced against nature society socializes/motivates us to applaud the "advanced intelligence" of industrialization and to deny the value of, and our satisfactions from, our natural attraction experiences. This loss of the natural unbalances us. We become sliced from "the ball" and we endure the injurious effects of the loss of attractions to it and ourselves. 
When a vast majority of us temporarily "vacate" our industrial lives and our habitual thinking, we go on vacation. For re-creation, (sic) we often fulfill our natural attractions to nature and visit a natural area. For example, annually, over nine million of us, alone, visit Smoky Mountain National Park. 
Most of us have had at least one attractive experience in nature that was organic and spontaneous. It was a memorable and valuable happening that was not prescribed, taught or structured.  This occurred because natural attraction is neither foreign nor abnormal. Rather it is a fundamental part of being human, alive and a central element in the whole of the global ecosystem.    

Half-Truth Stories

NAE recognizes that many of Industrial Society's stories about life are detrimental and inaccurate simply because nature and life are not a story. Rather, they are a phenomenon, an immediate-experience attraction dance that our natural senses register and bring into our consciousness when in contact with a natural area.  
The dance consists of ever changing, mutually supportive, self-balancing and correcting attraction growth relationships between all parts of the web of life, including us. 
We inherit the attraction and the ability to consciously register and enjoy what our natural senses experience in natural areas. This free gift from nature motivates us to reasonably think in conjunction with nature's balanced ways in order to make sense of life and our lives.
NAE helps us reattach our attraction-detached psyche to its origins in nature in exactly the same way that a surgeon reattaches a dismembered arm to a person's body. The surgeon skilfully brings the arm and body together. This allows natural attraction and its intelligence to biologically connect and heal the separation as only it can do.
NAE and some of its major axioms are offered, below, to encourage us to make scientific sensory NNIAL contact with nature, backyard or backcountry. Our troubles arise when we don't make this contact with nature in and around us. It is as if our leaders say:
"Let me drive you across this dangerous road to where it is best for you to be."
"Are you an expert? Do you even know how to drive or what is best?"
"No, but I read a book about it."

We are in trouble because a book can't drive an automobile.
As shown by some of the quotations on this page, ancient and modern people who have had good natural attraction experiences in natural areas have recognized that neither a book, teacher nor parent made the experiences happen. Sensitively being in a natural area made it possible for nature itself, in and around us, to make them happen. 
NAE activities help you make the experiential education benefits of others happen for yourself.
"I do not wish to hear about the moon from someone who has not been there"

- Mark Twain
Ancients and moderns have used the first-hand information, thoughts and feelings from their natural sensory attraction contacts in natural areas to construct undeniable axioms about how nature works:

Based on natural attraction being an immediate, wise, living, conscious, balancing and motivating essence of Earth and the universe we can see that:

NAE Axiom 1
Nature is a non-literate dance.

No sane human being has ever reported hearing or seeing real plants, animal or minerals speak or write or read to each other with words. It is reasonable to conclude that Nature, across the eons and excluding humanity, has known and organized itself through a non-literate, non-verbalized, unwritten attraction message and communication process.

"There is a constant and intimate contact among the things that coexist and co-evolve in the universe - a sharing of bonds and messages that makes reality into a stupendous network of interaction and communication.  It is this 'sharing of messages' in Nature that keeps it in balance."

- Ervin Laslo


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NAE Axiom 2
To be part of a system anything, or anyone, must somehow be in communication with that system, so that the system and the individual, or thing, can supportively relate to each other without trespassing.

Since humanity is part of the global ecosystem and the ecosystem is non-literate, we must somehow be in non-literate contact with the system, and vice versa.

"Wind over the lake: the image of inner truth."
- I Ching circa 1200 B.C.

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NAE Axiom 3

We know, learn and relate to nature, in and around us, through 53 natural attraction senses that we inherit and that, when reasonably fulfilled, produce good feelings.

We only fully know facts and truths when they register and make sense through our 53 or more inherent natural attraction senses.

These senses include our unique literacy, consisting of our combined senses of consciousness, reason and language.

We are attracted to make sense because this gratifies our sense of reason and because our natural senses are attractive. Their fulfillment releases Endorphins, Dopamine and other neurotransmitters or hormones that produce good feelings. They are natural, loving rewards for us making good sensory connections and for being supportive participants in the global life community .

"I feel so much better since I have been freed of the guilt, shame and craziness I've felt about myself since childhood. I discovered that I have simply been experiencing and wisely holding on to the truth of my inherent 53 natural attraction senses that our nature-conquering Society tries to demean and control.  I thought I only had five senses and the rest of what I experienced was something wrong that I must control or hide."

- Anonymous NAE Participant

"From atoms and molecules to human beings with developed consciousness, all entities feel attraction for one another. . . . attraction is the law of nature."

- P.R. Sarkar


In Industrial Society we normally learn to believe and act-out imaginary "non-sense" stories and the information that their words convey. However, that is not how nature works its


NAE Axiom 4

Nature, including our 53 natural senses, only exists in the present, in the "now" of life.  Our senses are not in stories about the past or future for real nature is not a story, it is an ongoing, immediate, attraction relationship process.

"An actually existing fly is more important than a possibly existing angel."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

For example, "The sun will rise tomorrow," is not necessarily a true statement in NAE, for although the statement is based on our natural senses of reason, literacy, deduction and past experiences, it does not contain immediate sensible input from most of our other natural senses. Since tomorrow's sun has not yet risen, our other natural senses can't register or relate to the event.

When only our abstract-story type of "sun-absent" knowing occurs, we often learn to think and believe non-sense. We and Earth suffer accordingly.

This is a key axiom because change can only occur in the immediate moment
. What we sense in the "now" is also the greatest trustable truth that we can experience. Only in the now is nature available and are our natural senses active, including our senses of reason and consciousness. In addition, only in the now can we make changes. Now is an "N" in NNIAL

*see ECHN page 33

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NAE Axiom 5

Natural senses are nameless, intelligent, motivating attractions that we experience in the moment as forms of love or spirit.

Even if it had no given name, our natural sense/sensation of thirst, in the "now," intelligently "turns on" to attract us to drink water. This attracts the global water cycle and its ways to flow through us and sustain us. In addition, when we have had enough water, thirst reasonably "turns-off." In balanced natural ways, its intelligence attracts us to stop drinking.

In conjunction with each other, each of our additional 52 natural senses is a similar, naturally nameless, life-guiding, natural attraction intelligence love (NNIAL) that we feel. In congress, they support us as well as the global ecosystem. For example, our sense of thirst brings us to water for our health. And, for our health, our sense of excretion attracts us to remove water in us that "miraculously" contains appropriate edible waste, and feeds that "waste" to the ecosystem's plant, animal and mineral community.  

Besides our sense of thirst, our love for water, our other natural senses include our love of, or for, community, reason and trust; aroma, place and consciousness; color, taste and motion; language, belonging, beauty, music and gravity along with 39 additional natural sensory attractions and their spirit.

Many of our dysfunctions are simply symptoms of our sensory separation and deprivation from nature. This blocks its vital flow.

"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."

- Frank Lloyd Wright

*see ECHN Page 101

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NAE Axiom 6

Nature's web-of-life, including all materials and humanity,  consists of natural attractions.

What are we and the world made of?  Factually, we consist of atoms and they are 99.999999999 percent "space." However, neither we nor atoms are empty space.  All that "space" consists of, or contains, attraction, the energies and forces that draw, tug and hold the atom's electrons to its nucleus. These and other attractions also attract and attach one atom to another as well as hold all materials, the Earth and the solar system together.  

can empirically observe, experience and sense that things are attracted to stay together by sensitively trying to move or part them. Their attraction to be in relationship and belong in the moment, offers resistance. We register it by sensing and feeling it.

Even an atom's nucleus and electrons are subatomic packets of attraction energy, as demonstrated by the explosive power of a nuclear bomb when that energy is released.

That all things are connected through attraction is also recognized by Newton's Laws of Dynamics and by the Buddhist Law of Karma that indicates all acts have consequences.  It could truly be said, "We are treated by the plant animal and mineral community, including people, as we have learned to treat them."

Until proven otherwise,
-all nouns and pronouns refer to things that are held together by natural attraction and attachments. 
-all verbs and adverbs refer to natural attraction energy in action, culturally harnessed or as wilderness and its value.

Think about it. Do you know any exceptions to the above?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.

-John Muir


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NAE Axiom 7
Planet Earth acts like, or is, a living organism.

Our sensing and feeling about various attraction connections between ourselves and our planet can make us aware that there is nothing that we do with respect to being alive, that Earth does not also do. 

Our pulsating natural senses help us discover that we and our planet survive identically, that we are a seamless continuum of each other. This gives our senses of reason, logic and deduction (#42) the opportunity to conclude that since people are living organisms and, with respect to life processes, we and Earth are identical, Earth is also a living organism (Gaia), or at least it acts like one. This is no surprise when we recognize that natural attraction contains, and is, an essence of aliveness.

"The Earth is a functionally integrated system -as much an organic being as you and I- that exists not simply for man's benefit but for it's own.

- David Laing, The Earth System

Life has not adapted to an inert world determined by the dead hand of chemistry and physics. We live in a world that has been built by our biological ancestors, ancient and modern, and which is continuously maintained by all things alive today.

- James Lovelock, The Ages of Gaia

*see ECHN Page 135

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NAE Axiom 8

Humanity lives in the Earth, not on the Earth.

In a natural area, our multitude of natural senses register clouds, birds, weather conditions and the air many miles above our head. This helps our sense of reason recognize and validate that we live in, not on, Planet Earth. We live deep within its atmosphere and  biosphere. They flow through and around us.

The truth, above, often feels uncomfortable because our story-world depicts us as living on the surface of the Earth. This distortion conflicts us. It separates our psyche from the truth conveyed by our "touchy-feely" relationship with the web of life and each other.  The conflict stresses and weakens our senses of self, trust, place, belonging, peace and community. We don't feel comfortable stating the truth, "I live in the Earth." "I am an Earthling."

It is irrational and stressful to think, feel and know the world in this inaccurate and separative way.  The direct sensory experiences we enjoy when visit to a natural area help us feel better because they help us register the truth of our relationship with Earth. This reduces our stress, and, in turn, many disorders.

"One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin."

- William Shakespeare

*see ECHN Page 14

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NAE Axiom 9

Together, nature and humanity are a dance in the flowing, pulsating river of natural attraction as it diversely grows more attractive and mutually supportive.

It is reasonable to respect that we and nature consist of, and cooperatively share, intelligent natural attractions. For example, 

We are attracted/motivated to breathe in oxygen for our life and attracted to exhale carbon dioxide as food for plant life. 

We are attracted/motivated to eat food to support our life and attracted to excrete our waste, and it is food that supports the web-of-life. 

We are attracted/motivated to be more attractive and to seek and enjoy more attractions, as does the natural environment.

Scientists find, by using radioactive tagged atoms, that atoms from the environment are attracted to replace 98 percent of the atoms of our body and mind every year. Every seven years or so, every atom in our body returns to the environment and is replaced by a new atom from the environment. We continually become the environment and it becomes us.

Our body and mind consist of ten times more "foreign" cells than human cells.

Some of our human DNA is the DNA of plants and animals. DNA consists of mineral molecules and elements held together by natural attraction.

The human embryo goes through growth stages that include it having gills and a tail.

The words "humus" and "human" and "humility" have the same origin.

Biologically we and nature are one. We are the dance of a prime flowing, pulsating and pristine river of natural attraction life that intelligently manifests itself as us and the rest of nature.

The river consists of a ceaseless, satisfying balance of resonating attraction relationships within and between all of its currents, including us as one of these currents.
The acronym "NNIAL" helps us remember, identify and connect with this massive relationship flow.  (Remember, however, that "NNIAL" is not its name for the river and its eons are/were nameless.)

With respect to the flow of natural attraction being the essence of all things, each of us is kin to all members of the web of life. The web of life is a kinship, not just a source of raw materials.

"There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy."

- Hippocrates, circa 450 B.C.

*see ECHN Page 12

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NAE Axiom 10
Nature has a perfection of its own.

It makes sense to recognize that nature's perfection consists of the ability of its natural attractions to: correct, organize, renew, regenerate, recycle, transform, compost, perpetuate, purify and preserve nature, in and around us. 

Natural attractions achieve the above in balanced ways that produce nature's optimums of grace, life, diversity, cooperation and beauty. In addition natural attractions create optimums of balance, purity, community, wellness, sensitivity, renewal, spirit, self-organization, restoration, unification and love.

Nature achieves its valuable optimums without producing garbage or pollution or our excessive destruction, abusiveness, disorders, stress, isolation and insanity. 

Our natural senses of reason, consciousness, community, emotional place, trust, companionship, appreciation, survival and sublime love, along with other natural senses, help us recognize that it is sensible to acknowledge that the above-mentioned qualities of the natural world make nature perfect in its own way.  

Our natural sense of deduction informs us that since we are biologically, psychologically and spiritually a seamless continuum of nature, our natural self is as perfect as is nature. 

We don't need to learn how to be perfect.  Education means "To bring out from within."  What we need to do is apply NAE because it enables us, through hands-on, sensory education activities, to respectfully bring out, think, feel and relate with, as well as support, celebrate, love and relate to the unifying natural attraction perfection of our natural self in ourselves, in others and in the web-of-life.

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order."

- John Burroughs

"What we are looking for is what is doing the looking"

-St. Francis of Assisi

*see ECHN Page 26

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NAE Axiom 11

NAE motivates us to unify with, rather than conquer and exploit, human life and the web-of-life.

As a natural area brings our psyche into contact with nature's wholeness, our natural reasoning, senses and sensitivities convey that the fittest survive in nature, but not because they are the best competitors. Rather, it is because they are the best builders of cooperative, mutually beneficial natural attraction relationships with their environment.  

The fittest are those "things" that are the best in attracting support from their surroundings.  The fittest accomplish this by attractively supporting their surroundings locally and globally. The "fittest" are fit because they are the most cooperatively attractive.

"This world - the shadow of the soul, or 'other' me - lies wide around. Its attractions are the keys which unlock my thought and make me acquainted with myself."

- R. W. Emerson, circa 1860

*see ECHN Page 12

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NAE Axiom 12

The purpose of life is to support life;  life consists of nature's attraction to support it.  

Humanity consciously experiences the natural attraction of life to support life.  We call that motivation our felt sense love of life, our instinct for survival, or our desire to be, that our senses feel, that we experience and enjoy. 

"The purpose of life is to live in agreement with nature."

- Zeno, circa 520 BC

* see ECHN Page 27

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NAE Axiom 13
An NAE Vehicle: The Webstring Natural Attraction Model.

Our experiences with NAE show us that when the web-of-life is represented by an accurate web of life model of how nature's perfection works, we can choose to use the model and have the model's activities help us balance our thinking and increase our well being.

The activities accomplish this by enabling us to interlace our consciousness, intelligence and senses with the singular dancing flow of web-of-life attraction connections (webstrings) in a natural area, backyard or backcountry.

"We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers our actions run as causes and return to us as results."

- Herman Melville

The webstring model helps us update our scientific reasoning and technology since they are often excessively disconnected from how nature works via natural attraction relationships.

Because nature consists of ever-changing dancing and resonating natural attraction relationships within and between all of its elements, including us, our static scientific facts are usually warped.

Scientific facts are usually based on standard conditions of light, motion, temperature, sound and pressure while in nature there are few, if any, standard conditions of anything. 

In the natural world, the major standard condition is the constant change and flow of its natural attraction river. For this reason, the webstring model's 53 sense activities help us connect with the restorative power of authentic nature in the moment it is happening, flowing and changing in, around and to the benefit of all things.

see ECHN Page 12

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NAE Axiom 14

As with all things in nature, our basic relationship with nature and each other is cooperative, not competitive

Survival of the fittest occurs because the "fittest" are the most cooperative; they best form mutually supportive relationships with their environment.

We have the felt-sense ability to know that our attractions to things and relationships in a genuine natural area are not learned. Rather, they are our psyche inherently and cooperatively connecting to its nurturing source in nature. There is no story present in nature that tells our psyche to refrain from connecting. To the contrary, nature attracts us, and rewards us, to connect.

Our unadulterated attractions to natural areas enable us to
become aware of nature's perfection and integrate with it.  This cooperation helps us think like nature works; it benefits us and the environment.

When we respectfully visit a natural area, our 53 natural senses safely make contact with the self-correcting balance and purifying power of their origins in nature.  Because this energizes and restores them, our natural senses help us think more sensibly.

"Nothing is more indisputable than our senses."

- Jean Le Rond d'Alembert

ECHN Page 13

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NAE Axiom 15

Members of Industrial Society suffer because it is unduly prejudiced against nature.

NAE identifies prejudice as
"An unreasonable pre-judging attitude or story that is, due to bonding, unusually resistant to rational influence."
Industrial Society is prejudiced against nature due to our unfounded "tropicmaker" belief and fear, from nature-disconnecting stories, that nature is hostile to us and that nature is not conscious or intelligent.

NAE recognizes that most nature-centered societies neither cause nor display our excessive and detrimental ways.

Our Ego's misguided and fear-inducing prejudice against nature story has us habitually learn to believe that it and we are superior to nature, that, for our survival and profit, we must take dominion over, exploit and improve nature, in and around us.

We are
not born to be excessively separated from, suspicious and fearful of nature. Rather, Industrial Society educates us to this condition. It is so successful that we spend, on average less than 12 hours of our total lifetime thinking, feeling or building relationships while we are in tune with the singularity of nature's attraction dance.  

We seldom change the way we think because we are bonded to it by the age of seven. Society pays us, and in other ways rewards us, to not understand things that we need to know
in order to live in balance.  

"We have these prejudices and as long as we think that these prejudices are valid we exclude huge subjects of thinking. And that exclusion is what is really blinding."

- Dr. Amit Goswami

*see ECHN Page 24

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NAE Axiom 16

How we think and feel shapes our destiny.

NAE enables us to register natural attraction 
callings so we may think and feel think like nature's perfection works.  Its 150 ECHN nature-contact activities enable us to safely un-closet and heal the hurting senses in our subconscious. The enjoyment and benefits that result connect us to the whole of Earth and help us reverse our prejudice against nature.

"A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends to do otherwise."

- Aldo Leopold, 1948

"This is how a human being can change: there's a worm addicted to eating grape leaves. Suddenly, he wakes up, call it grace, whatever, something wakes him, and he's no longer a worm. He's the entire vineyard, and the orchard too, the fruit, the trunks, a growing wisdom and joy that doesn't need to devour."

- Jedaluddin Rumi, 1207-1273

The thousands of favorable results from engaging in NAE courses and activities demonstrate that the wisdom and joy of genuinely connecting ourselves with nature helps us increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

As the quotes on this page disclose, the observations of many individuals over past millenna show that we have long been aware of our attractive attachments to nature. It is Industrial Society's prejudice against nature that causes us to ignore these observations and suffer accordingly.

Again, nature-connected people(s) seldom cause or display our problems and madness.   

*see ECHN Page 108, 115, 132, 141

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NAE Axiom17

Our excessive disconnection from nature deprives us from knowing the fundamental reason that each of us deserves to have good feelings.

"Do you deserve to have good feelings? Why?" Most of us do not answer this question correctly. Too often it triggers hurtful feelings of guilt, conflict or shame for things we've done "wrong."

We often learn to think that we deserve to have good feelings because we have thought or acted in a socially acceptable way. Many parent-like authorities reward us for this with love, with their attraction to us "being good."

We are seldom taught that we inherently deserve to have good feelings.
As indicated in Axiom 3A, they are naturally attractive, chemically triggered (endorphin-dopamine-oxytocin) rewards from Mother Earth and the universe for us fulfilling three or more our natural attraction senses, including our senses of consciousness and reason. They are rewards for, through our senses, making contact with the web of life "NNIAL" so we can participate in it a good way.

As an example, when we drink water to fulfill our sense of thirst, we not only feel satisfied, quenched and happier. We also can become aware that we feel this and that it makes sense, it rewards us for participating in and contributing to the nurturing water cycle of the web-of-life.

Again, in the final analysis, no matter what they be, the needs, goals and wants that we experience or construct are a means to satisfy one or more of our natural senses. Fulfilling them directly through sensory connections to natural attractions located in people and natural places produces the most balanced, organic and inexpensive fulfillments. This is intelligent. Fulfilling them with artificialities usually produces questionable side effects.    


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NAE Axiom18

Death does not exist in nature, there is only the transformation of  natural attractions and their effects, into other natural attractions and their effects.

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripend grain.
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken to the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

Mary Elizabeth Frye,  1932

"In a closed system (such as the universe,) energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another."

- First Law of Thermodynamics.

The article Who are You, Who am I and We? scientifically explains how and why we do not die.

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NAE Axiom19

The NAE Whole-Life Iceberg Analogy

Point of Information:

An iceberg simulates our contemporary mind in that
-10 percent of it, its tip, floats in the air above sea ("see") level and
-90 percent of its great mass lies below sea level, out of sight. 

Similarly, in humanity
- 10 percent of our mentality, our "new brain," knows and communicates by "floating" as our story world. It is our mediated conscious "light" and reason that is conveyed by our abstract, literate words, symbols and stories, verbally and via books, films and other media. 

- 90 percent bulk of our mentality, our "old brain" is a seamless, multiple-sensory connection to and registration of the world, including natural attraction and its eons. Our nature-conquering new brain story, however, buries most of our senses "out of sight" in our subconscious (below "see" level).

The Analogy:

Two floating icebergs that broke away from a glacier could see each other and were attracted to the reasonable idea that, to best survive the sun's heat, they would join together, as of old, and help each other stay cold, as well as heal their glacier-separated disconnection, frailty and loneliness.  But, try as they might, they could not join together. They could not understand why because their intentions made so much sense to them. 

What the Bergs could not see was that their huge, unseen, underwater bulks bumped into each other. This collision prevented the tops from connecting.

To accomplish their goal, the tops would have to help the underwater parts of them find a way to interlace or meld together in mutually supportive
"NNIAAL" ways, as they were when part of the glacier.  Helpless to make this happen or to even be aware of what had to be done, (because it was below "see" level), nature's flow took its course.   Over time, the Bergs were naturally attracted to the warmth of the sun and sea as it transformed them into water. 

As water, the Bergs became part of the water cycle and supported all other forms of life including the glaciers and the birth of new icebergs.

The Conclusion:

For our conscious thinking and its intelligence to actualize our reasonable intentions, our thoughts and feelings must include the unifying wisdom of our "below sea level" natural attraction sensitivities and their eons.

When we help our sensory self connect with natural areas via
"NNIAAL activities," the under-see ways of these areas register in us. Then, our thinking and sensibilities are connected to nature's powers to transform and this helps us make things happen to the benefit of all.

We are similar to the icebergs and their separation from a glacier because, from womb to tomb Industrial Society excessively separates our psyche from nature's flow.  However, we are  part of nature's cyclic dance. As a photograph of us
at the top of this page portrays, our natural selves and origins are beautifully unified.

Our challenge is for each of us to make conscious sensory contact with authentic nature (NNIAL,) the source of the picture, above. Only then can its powers help us heal and release from the jail in our subconscious mind, the pure sensory congress of intelligent delight and spirit that we really are. That is when we consciously have available to us the resources that our thinking needs to transform and reverse our dilemmas.    

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NAE Axiom 20

Where Are You Now?

NAE helps us recognize Earth and the universe to be similar to large dancing, circulating and growing web-of-life pond. Since it's beginning, the pond and its life have consisted of eons of non-literate natural attraction relationships that grow and increase the integrity of themselves and the pond.

Contemporary-thinking humanity is like a single drop of water just introduced into to the pond. This drop, unlike the rest of the pond, is lingual, it has the added ability to communicate and relate through the literacy of stories consisting of word symbols and images about the pond. However, being non-literate, the pond seldom understands them.  Too often, these are stories that we create from our imagination, stories that emanate from our indoor world, not from direct sensory contact with the pond and its balanced, purifying ways. 

Since our stories are not the real thing, they go on forever with respect to us unifying with nature through them.  Genuine sensory contact vs the abstraction of it often produces duality and its discontents, in and around us.  NAE remedies this breach by giving us stories that help us make genuine connections with natural attractions and report directly from the connection experience. 

In our indoor-oriented society, a bias in our stories indoctrinates and rewards us for excessively separating from, conquering and exploiting the dance of the pond. Although we can profitably think and feel with our stories, we can also see their unreasonable and destructive results. 

The NAE remedy for our habitual, yet detrimental nature-disconnected way of thinking and feeling is to offer us activities that help us engage in nature-connecting 
contact, backyard or backcountry.  Because the activities are informative and rewarding, engaging in this unification process becomes a reasonable and constructive habit.  It enables us to create moments that let earth and nature teach us what we need to know to come into balance with them, each other and ourselves.

For each individual the choice is clear.  We can choose to operate in ways that produce, and make us suffer, the consequences of Industrial Society's nature-disconnected stories, thoughts and feelings. Or we, instead, can decide to learn how to be in mutually beneficial connection with the self-correcting ways of natural attraction's dance. We accomplish the latter by experientially engaging in the sensory nature-contact ECHN activity process, backyard or backcountry.

Moment by moment each of us can choose to create and live in the beneficial effects of NAE 9-leg unity and healing with NNIAL. Our other choice is to continue engage in and produce the consequences of 5-leg duality and its biased deterioration of whole-life relationships. 

Before NAE, there was little choice. We saw the problems but we had no process or tool that enabled us to address them. Through NAE, that tool is now readily available. Empowered by the tool, today, the way each of us chooses to think and feel, with or without it, produces our destiny along with that of Earth and humanity. 


(  ) I want to learn the educating, counseling and healing with nature process through very low cost, online NAE courses, degrees and careers.  I would like to reasonably strengthen my life and livelihood by greening them.  One of my goals is to enable the restorative powers of nature's amazing grace to help us all, hand in hand, walk Mother Earth's natural attraction path to balance, sustainability and well being.

(  ) I'm satisfied with my present way of thinking and relating along with its effects and rewards. 

(  ) Other:

Apply now. Learn and teach Natural Attraction Ecology.  Call 360-378-6313


Certain shades of the color violet can appear to be blue against a red background, and appear to be red against a blue one.  However, each shade of violet also has its own integrity. This is also true of orange with respect to red and yellow backgrounds.

Similarly, with the conquer-nature bias of Industrial Society's story as our "background," our thinking sees nature as a resource that we must increasingly exploit/consume" for profit and economic growth if we are to survive.

NAE helps us sense and reason based on a different background.  That background is nature's sensory callings.  It demonstrates and certifies that for our survival and balance, the "NNIAL" integrity of nature is a powerful and supportive friend.

Our survival benefits from it's nurturing of natural attraction relationships as they create their own self-correcting perfection around and within us.

We learn to see and relate to the world through the color or warp of the nature-disconnected glasses Industrial Society trains us to wear. This makes us create and be responsible for most of the disorders that we suffer. The glasses also warp the wisdom of the inherent natural attraction sensory powers that nature gives us to remedy our problems and to strengthen individual and global wellness

To survive in a balanced and ethical way with the whole of life, it is rational for us to learn how to use and teach NAE activities. They help us think and feel while in conscious sensory contact with NNIAL, the eons of power and integrity of our natural attractions in natural areas. This organic process lets nature help us compost, recycle and correct the warp in our glasses. The effectiveness of this process is documented by personal experiences, results of studies, and professionally reviewed research.

"Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling.

This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the Earth and sun and stars.

Love has become a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table."

- D. H. Lawrence

"We cannot win the battle to increase the well-being of the web of life, that includes our life, without strengthening our natural senses, our attraction bonds with nature  - for we will not fight to save what we do not love."

- Michael J. Cohen's blend of statements by Stephen Jay Gould and Jalaluddin Rumi
Apply now. Learn and teach Natural Attraction Ecology. Call 360-378-6313


We, along with all other people, places and things, are equally born as an expression and manifestation of natural attraction. We are it, it is us. However, the unwarranted prejudice against nature in 
tropicmaker thinking motivates us to conquer that expression.

We are normally born with naturally-satisfied minds and hearts.  Industrial Society educates/socializes us through desensitizing processes that irritate our psyche. Our dissatisfaction motivates us to excessively purchase artificial, less adequate than nature products to meet our discontents. Desensitized, we often ignore the detrimental effects of the artificial on nature's renewing flow in and around us.

Most therapies help us deal with the stress and disorders that result from our destructive socialization. However, they are usually indoor oriented, not organic and unaware of our indoctrinated prejudiced against nature origins or how to remedy them.

We can no longer afford to endure the consequences of being habitually bonded and shaped into consumers who are
excessively sliced away from the balanced-life authenticity and satisfactions of our planetary home.

To counteract the prejudice of our unbalanced bonding, each of us needs, or may learn, to shamelessly feel and declare anywhere,
"I love nature," or "I love Planet Earth," and, in this glow, be motivated to design and build naturally attractive and sustainable relationships with humanity, the environment and creation. NAE courses, books and degrees are offered that help any individual or institution achieve this goal.

Project NatureConnect supports individuals whose consciousness appreciates the contribution of NAE. Any interested person can be funded to help increase well-being by using NAE to beneficially green their psyche, life and profession while helping others do the same.

There is a heartfelt essence that helps us achieve peaceful balance with Earth and each other.  It is to use NAE to register, trust and consciously think with our natural senses and the wisdom they, in congress, convey to us while we are in contact with nature, in and around us.  

NAE enables us to gain a recuperative, stress releasing fulfillment of our 53 senses by enabling us to freely interlace our psyche with nature instead of, to this end, purchasing and bonding to excessive and often destructive technologies.

"The Smokies always reminds me of coming home.  From the top of the hills you look down into a slow meandering stream that loops all through the mountains.  I was attracted to become the interconnecting flow of this stream, thinking how strange and wonderful is our home and Mother Earth's natural attraction to produce its swirling vaporous atmosphere, its flowing frozen liquids, its plants, its creeping, crawling, climbing creatures, the croaking things with wings, the rocks, the grasses. As I sensed an attractive connection to these things I became one of the grains of sand that helped form these mountains.  This strengthened my senses and I enjoyed an intense, fulfilling awareness of the rocks and all things around me. I thought, 'This must be the high that people get from drugs' "

- Anonymous NAE Participant

Read additional unsolicited testimonials

Perhaps the most practical and applicable conclusion about NAE has been stated above, including in Axiom 16, and bears repeating here:

In the final analysis, no matter what they be, the needs, goals and wants that we feel or that we design, are always signals to satisfy one or more of our natural senses.

Fulfilling these senses through direct sensory contact with nature, in people and/or places:

  • is most direct.
  • is the least expensive.
  • is organic.
  • produces the lowest negative environmental and social impact.
  • is a choice that provides sustainable nurturing rewards to the benefit of all.

As the words you now read here attract you, you are engaged in part of the NAE process. The goal is to use ECHN to engage yourself and your community in all of it, in the joy of supporting authentic nature in a natural area, as it is attracted to supporting you.

"Nature is the unseen intelligence that loved us into being."
- Elbert Hubbard

"Our troubles begin when we bond to sensory fulfillments obtained from flawed substitutes for nature. Our remedy is to reason in ways that include the "now" and the intelligence of our natural attractions while they are genuinely connected to their source in the web of life, backyard or backcountry."

- Michael J. Cohen

"This is why I say love is a flowing, because it's not "My" Love, it is God's/Creation's/Nature's and it flows to me and through me. When I hold it and claim it to be mine it stops flowing and suffering happens."

- Vincent Brown

"I thank God for beginning this world with a natural attraction seed and empowering it to independently grow attractive relationships."

- Project NatureConnect Student

Online, learn and teach NAE nature-connection activities to yourself and your community.
Participate now. The benefits speak for themselves. Call 360-378-6313 to implement your participation or a degree program.

Natural Attraction Ecology ECHN is a profound tool and hope for the future. You can help make it happen. Please sign our Petition to the United Nations to implement it.

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The Source of the NAE Axioms 

Below are field reports taken from the journals of anonymous Project NatureConnect participants who used Natural Attraction Ecology activities to gain consent to make 53-sense contact with nature in themselves, others and the environment.  Their results are confirmed by published scientific studies.

Additional reports are available via the survey of participants and its links

My Authentic Voice

"Slatic’s Lake is a very special place to me. When I got there I was already on a high from life.  I have had a good last couple days and am just feeling healthy and alive.  While asking permission to be at this place, the seagull flying above seemed to say to me, “Yes, you are one of us.”  Almost as if I was supposed to know that already.  
Immediately some geese soared by and I rejoiced in the sound they made.  I wanted to skip or do a dance because I was feeling so alive!  Things just seem to be coming together in my life, I am feeling the flow of life, not even so much feeling as I AM the flow of life.  I’m flowin’……. 

“I am attracted to this flock of geese because they make a beautiful sound as they whoosh by in flight and show me life.  I like this sound because it fills me with happiness.  I feel alive!  I feel vibrant life!”  

The NAE course helps me recognize that, like the geese, I am part of nature and that I can honestly say I am naturally attracted to myself in exactly the same way that I am naturally attracted to the wild geese.
Things that don’t feel right, relationships that don’t feel right, I am moving away from.  I feel now as if I am attracting the stuff in my life that is supposed to be there because I am open and trusting, because I am being authentic, because I am being true to myself, because I LOVE myself.  Yay!  I dance and giggle at that!

The geese have taught me that I love myself because I have a vibrant, happy life that flows and that I make a beautiful sound!

On my walk around the lake I watched the community of birds around the lone open spot of water…ravens, mallards, geese, seagulls….living in harmony.  Absolutely gorgeous…why are we humans not living like that??????? 

I learned that I am a vibrant, flowing, life-being and I am welcome and loved in nature

I choose to keep trusting and believing in NAE nature connections because things are a coming together…there is balance on the horizon. I would be sad to have the web-of-life attraction strands taken away from me that I am experiencing every day of my life.  Definitely this activity enhanced my sense of self-worth and my trustfulness of nature.  It help me identify that it's OK to be happy, to trust in each moment, in what is happening in your life, and to listen to your authentic voice."

You can participate in NAE now.

Support along the way

"Needless to say, the way in which this group and the NAE classes have enhanced my life has given me so much more balance than I've had in a very long time.  I quit my ADHD and anti-depressants, stabilized my weight, and am just smiling a lot more.  Thank you for all of the love and support along the way."

"The above is from one of my peers in my ECO 501 class. NNIAL in action.  Not to mention my own adrenals and thyroid have at least stabilized and I am also stabilizing cyclical fluid gain.  Nice...  thank you and nature! "

You can participate in NAE now.

We know what we are doing

"I stopped at the little woodland, asked for permission and sensed in my body a welcome back from the trees. Coming frequently to this place, we start to know each other better and the connection got a quality of visiting good friends. My immediate attraction was air and the breathing cycle of give and take. I always enjoy how deeper breathings slows me down and relaxes my body and mind. After a few breaths I became playful and experimental, so I used the next minutes to change my breathing and sensed the impact to my body and feelings. I was breathing shallow and fast, deep and fast, shallow and slow, through my mouth, through my nose, with open eyes, with closed eyes, held my breath, breathed in my lungs, in my stomach, in both, was breathing while looking up in the sky and crouched down, was circling my hands and breathed in rhythm of the swings and a-rhythmic. It’s amazing how fast and simple our body reacts and how feelings are changing. What a powerful instrument nature gave us here. After this exercise I enjoyed that all my breathings are a give and take between the trees and me. Suddenly I wondered how my friends are breathing in winter? Don’t they need leaves? My story type of thinking was getting ready to explore and search for answers to this questions. And my sensory thinking simply asked them, and they replied with a smile: don’t worry, we know what we are doing."

You can participate in NAE now.

Reducing inaccuracy

"Although the air was cool, the sun was shining so I experienced the chill of air passing into my nose while feeling the warmth of the sun on my cheeks. I sensed the damp earth soft for sitting, the earthy, pleasing, surprisingly aromatic and green smells of the abundant surrounding plants, the warmth of the sun, the grounding energy of the oaks and madrones and the view to the hills across a narrow valley. I felt welcome, nurtured, at peace and one with my surroundings. I also felt grateful, a wonderful, too often absent, way to feel.  This was such a welcome experience.

It was extremely enjoyable and even instructive to pay attention to everything I was experiencing. Paying more attention increased the enjoyment, increased my appreciation and happiness, partly by moving into the background the thoughts and concerns that occupied my day before I got there but mostly from connecting to the softness and widespread beauty.  It was a warm experience, perfectly balanced.  It was also extremely enjoyable to replace the bird in the drawing with different elements of my environment and this felt very true and beautiful as I sensed into each one: large oak, soft green plants, blue sky, sun, gentle breeze, damp earth. 

It was very grounding and affirming to do this exercise...I felt so happy to bring the awareness of all these things into my sensory fields. It was like an exchange of love and I felt completely transformed compared to my state of mind and being before I started it.

Spending enough time in nature so that significant impressions, insights, comforts, peace, etc. can occur is extremely important, otherwise those things and their connection will barely register, if at all. And the more time that is spent in nature, the less likely an inaccurate or superficial story about it will be formed."

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On any given day

The effect of NAE is immediate and specific. I step out in nature, begin using fifty-three senses and then the slow down in heart rate, the deeper breathing, the slow down in racing, anxious thoughts, the realignment of slumped posture, the renewed warmth of increased circulation, the sheer, physical pleasure moving all through my body are strong and present.  This pleasure creates a reservoir of good feelings that I then take in to my daily life and apply as needed; maybe as fuel to be more patient with my kids, as strength to focus on my own creative weaving tapestries more often - instead of just putting my own process aside for family duty, as the inspiration which energized me to move to a smaller, simpler house in a walkable part of the city and also start growing food.

So for me, that is the 'global' as it is translated into shifting cultural, gender, personal, familial and eco systemic choices on any given day.  

You can participate in NAE now.

It just gave

I lost my brother four years ago and my entering into PNC not long after was a saving grace........My Mother is in the dying process now and again it is my strength and comfort...it is life, the same life in everyone and every living thing and it comforts me daily to bathe in it, to breathe the truth of it, to trust it. I was having a particularly difficult day not long ago and I felt a spontaneous attraction to take a long hike.......not in too good shape physically right now so that was strange it seemed. It was a very cold day and yet I hiked way down the valley and up the other side to the very top of a bluff....I felt a strong pull to make it to that top ridge that I could always see from my kitchen window. And so, hours later, I did.........the perspective looking back, way back, at my window, that tiny window I look out of........sitting there in the cold and vibrant wind blowing, the scent of winter ground-fall all around and under me, the trees whispering something beyond my straining to hear and yet of an ancient and cavernous wisdom....something just gave way. I wept for 10 minutes non-stop, then I buried my face in the ground and smelled the richness of it.........I scooped some leaves all around me and fell asleep. I awoke at dark....and wobbled the long trek back exhausted and cleaned by an unseen but clearly sensed ubiquitous life......When I re-entered the house everything looked different, and somehow it was, and I was OK.......now I can look out the kitchen window at that ridge and something sweeps through me, like a witnessing wind that has more power and strength and mystery than I could ever know or exhaust in a million lifetimes. The day before I was floundering and now I was bein
g upheld by an invisible force that never asked for anything, it just gave.

You can participate in NAE now.

The love of trees

It is raining and windy, which made me want to stay indoors where it was snug and cozy rather than brave the elements. However, when I bundled up and went outside I was reminded once again about how invigorating and uplifting it is to go outdoors even when (and perhaps especially when) the elements are heightened. My nose was cold and my cheeks stung with the chill of the rain and the wind blew against me. I leaned against the tree and was filled with gratitude over its shelter and protection. I imagined its strength being draw from its roots in the earth surging upward and was also strengthened.  

I love the trees because they are deeply rooted and filled with strength.

I love myself because I am deeply rooted and filled with strength. 

Classmate: This is a really great sensory image and easy for me to accept from what you have shared about yourself in this class.  

Writer: It does describe me: I draw my strength from my natural attractions of my family, my dear friends and my connections to the earth, all of which sustain me.  Like the trees who sheltered me from the elements, I also shelter and protect my family, my friends, my community and give them my strength in return. 

Classmate: No wonder you love trees! I did the activity and was attracted to a little flower growing under a bush. I discovered "I like this small flowering plant because it is in constant upward motion and means no harm. This translated into: "I like myself because i am in constant upward motion, and mean no harm," and that felt right to me. I recognized that I have more in common with nature than I previously noticed and that ways of life that are not in accordance with nature have desensitizing effects.

You can participate in NAE now.

I could not be separated

When I was in college a friend of mine let me know about a trail that followed a small river that led to a waterfall in the forest next to our college campus. I am from NY the metro area, and I never took a hike in the forest with creeks and various different types of terrain. I set out to the walk because it was not optional my spirit demanded that I go. When I arrived at my destination, I not only had a deeper appreciation for water; I fell in love with the trees the sky the animals the ground and the rocks for I experienced all of it. I listened to the red and blue birds sing and the wind touch green leaves of the trees and watched the clear water flow down the fall. My thinking became clearer my spirit became more profound within me. I was urged to pray to my maker and thank the Almighty for the creation, which he had made. I began to notice that water was imperative to my sanity and that if I kept myself from experiencing nature I would loose all mental glue and begin to dwindle down a path of self -destruction.  I knew then that I could not be separated from my holistic family.

I like the quote " If however, we are to be true to ourselves and trust our senses, rationality and experiences, it becomes reasonable to consider that our universe may be constructed of God's attraction energies and that to know God while bypassing nature creates disorders."  I completely agree that YAHWEH (God) made the universe from his attraction energies.

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I walked out with permission into the nature of a cloudy day. The feeling was damp and cold feeling more like a New England morning than Arizona. The feeling of moisture driving the cold deep into my being felt different than the crisp dry Arizona cold of most days here. As I walked along, I began to say unity --unity-- I noticed the extreme peaceful feeling of no movement, no wind, the feeling as if time itself stood still. 

The human community, not yet awakened, usually consists of the bustle and movement of vehicles and sounds of a town waking. Instead a feeling of peace, absence of noise and wind presides. 

The ravens with their winter calls then started up-I was just thinking the day prior that I had not heard them this year. Perhaps it was due to my business responsibilities and the disconnect they bring about.

I sensed total peace as I walked along- with the awareness of unity and support. It was as if the ravens were ushering me to work. As I approached a large tree there were a flock of birds roosting at the top of its twisted, mature branches. I felt a oneness as the solstice light began warming the day. I entered the building and as I sat at my desk I saw that the flock of birds, now visible, were taking off from the tree top, also starting their day. What a profound sense of belonging  I was at in that moment in time.

Addendum: At the end of the day as the nurse and I sit by my desk recounting the day and sharing support and healing for ourselves, the birds returned to the tree top. What a sense of unity this day.

You can participate in NAE now.

Belonging in Christmas

I did not grow up in a family that celebrated Christmas or Hanukkah (by birth I am Jewish, and was raised Christian) and the holidays are painful for me. Although I’m not consciously reflecting on negative memories, the past insidiously creeps in and puts a pall on what should be a joy-filled time for me and my family. I formally coped with this by feverishly throwing myself holiday preparations and rituals to the extreme. The house was bursting with homemade gifts, we participated in every holiday activity imaginable and there wasn’t a spare moment to even sit down. People would delight in my gifts, charmed by my professional looking holiday newsletter of our family complete with humorous and touching stories and photos and make references to Martha Stewart. But year after year, after our children would unwrap their gifts from under our perfectly decorated tree I would crash in absolute exhaustion and/or would be physically ill. The last couple of years have increasingly been more challenging due to life circumstances added with a string of devastating events.  I’ve barely been able to muster the energy to even acknowledge the holidays, much less truly celebrate them. I’ve felt guilty and conflicted about this, unable to overcome my inner turmoil to try to find a middle ground.

Early Christmas Eve I chose to do my assignment and seek Nature’s wisdom. The weather has been intermittently stormy, snowy, wet, sleeting and so forth, not just on any given day but at any moment it could shift without warning. Around the time I stepped outdoors the sky had cleared. I stopped and simply let myself breathe, in and out, in and out. I let my mind go free and think of anything for awhile. My anxiety rose up and unexpectedly so did my tears. Although I did not cry hard, it seemed to have risen up from a low deep place within me. I felt the air chill my hot tears as they sprang from my eyes. I stayed in that feeling for awhile and then as my heart, mind and emotions quieted down in the calm of nature I began to think of my assignment. I followed my attraction and was drawn by the deep emerald green of the fields that spread out in every direction. I began to free-form hum, then little phrases of music began to creep up and spill from my mouth. The green was like balm to my eyes and the music soothed the jangled cords and began to form into song. Perhaps cliché, I began to sing the Christmas songs my little girl had been singing earlier while playing quietly by herself. I felt a strong sense of harmony with what I saw in nature and what I felt inside, as the two were intertwined. Singing required a different kind of breathing and this action regulated it. I suddenly trailed off no longer feeling like singing. I simply listened to the wind in the tall grasses and blowing the branches, to the creeping crackle of a cat walking across the fallen leaves and to the sound of our two ducks swishing their bills around in the water to drink. It was a perfect disjointed and yet perfectly harmonious symphony of it’s own kind and I felt myself a part of it. I thought about how I was a part of it, it was a part of me, a whole community resonating together consciously and unconsciously. I felt calm, quiet and at peace.

I didn’t want to interrupt this feeling to go through the natural senses in the book, so I tried to simply sort of generalize from memory what they were. I thought of sense of community (all around me), the sense of feel (the air touching my skin), sight/color (the soothing green fields), but what most stuck out to me was that the longer I stood there, the more I felt like I was part of a larger whole—a community. I felt that as nature resonated with me and me with it that there was no “me” or “it”. I felt accepted, as though I belonged.

I carried this feeling of belonging and calm with me into the house as I interacted with my family. I found myself humming and filled with the holiday spirit as I prepared our Christmas meal of fondue. We literally sat and broke bread together, I laughed with them and we enjoyed ourselves.

My husband prefers chilly sleeping so he’s been happily enjoying the solitude of sleeping alone. However, this night, apparently drawn by my quiet contemplative calm spirit, he came out and “spooned” me, sort of cocooning me as I nestled against him. We didn’t speak. We merely lay quietly breathing together, completely filled with peace as we gazed with love at our sleeping little children who appeared to be angelic while they slumbered. I felt nature’s gifts to me, which I carried indoors and into my family. It is the best Christmas present I could receive.

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A good place to be

Well, as usual this was a pleasantly surprising activity.  With a perceived lack of time, I was a bit disgruntled about doing it and wondered what I could do quickly and not have to put too much of myself into it.  Funny, huh?  Short story even shorter, I walked into the yard, obtained permission, mustered up some gratitude, scooped up a bit of snow onto my finger and felt it -- deeply.  I felt the sting of cold, the contrast of temperature with other fingers. I observed the response of cold snow on warm finger, the sensation of water dripping down the finger and onto the back of my hand.  I even let out a spontaneous musical sigh as it dripped.  The water all around and inside of me and evaporating off of my index finger and frozen in tiny ice designs and somehow making its way through cold air to make water clouds was all at once very much in my awareness.  The sense of feeling was amplified.  My body heat and the cold snow resonated.

Later, I played a game of scrabble with Marty.  He set me off once or twice by waiting what seemed an inordinate amount of time to take his turn, making high scoring plays, and otherwise being a true opponent.  Each time these feelings arose, I put my hand on him -- touched his arm, rested my hand on his knee.  This immediately settled me and I didn't feel the distance between us any longer.

I was so happy to have done this activity, and learned that the sense of feeling and touch was a way to resonate with and to create a non-language way of feeling within me, not just on my finger!  By connecting with the cold snow through the sense of touch, I got outside of my head which was a good place to be since it hadn't been working too well all day!

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Discovering Community

As usual, I went to the two small parks two blocks from where I live. The Stuyvesant Parks have been my "saving grace" in maintaining a sense of balance and getting in touch with my feelings. When I come home after one of my walks I always feel good.  I am filled with a renewed sense of hope and have a deeper connection with myself and with others.

As I began my walk around the park, I noticed the stark bare tree branches of elm and oak, the color of dark gray, of diverse width, shape and length spread sideways and up to the sky, inspiring the image of a Japanese painting.  This image brought up a melancholy feeling so I asked the question, "What webstrings do I most desire to surface from my subconscious to conscious that would make me feel good  Was it validation? Recognition?  I heard a voice say, "dig a little deeper."  Belonging? "Community," that felt right.

As soon as the word community came into my head I saw a flock of pigeons flying overhead, then a gathering of squirrels eating from the same patch of land, then sparrows sharing the same rose bush.  I was witnessing a good feeling of connection from the trees, pigeons, squirrels and sparrows.

Then I saw 2 squirrels playing together, chasing each other up and down trees and on the benches -- they made me laugh out loud.

Several park employees were cleaning up the leaves and I had a deep desire to tell them how grateful I was.    So I went over to one of the men and one of the women, and I thanked them for keeping the parks so clean.  I let them know how much they are appreciated and how good it feels to come here.  One man said he doesn't hear that very often and it felt good to see his smile of pride.

A few minutes later I felt something hit my shoulder and at first I thought, "Oh no, it's pigeon s--t." No, it was a snowflake.  The most extraordinary thing happened, millions of snowflakes as big as cotton balls fell from the sky.  The color of the sky was an off white and it made the park translucent.  A few people walked along with their tongues out trying to catch a snowflake, so I started to do this too and we all laughed.

Suddenly adults were transformed into children.  People began to smile at each other and laugh at the magic that was happening.  A man stopped, put his briefcase on the ground and started doing tai chi.  For the next 10 minutes I happily stood smiling as I watched him and the snow falling in the park.  We were by then the only 2 left in the park, except for 2 park employees who kept looking up at the sky in disbelief.

There is something about snow in the city that brings everyone together --for me  it brings out the natural attractions of community.   The snow that fell from the sky today wasn't your typical snow, it was a phenomenon in its size, shape, the way it fell from the sky and it lasted a good half-hour. I thanked the snow for being there.

The whole experience was breathtaking.  Good feelings of being childlike, playful, connected, and loved filled my heart. It felt so good to be there. There are no words to express the joy I felt.

My experience in nature shows me that I am a person who gets good feelings when I am in the moment, being still and silent, outside connecting to natural attractions of life, for being grateful and giving heartfelt thanks to the trees, wildlife and the people who take care of the park -- for creating the opportunity of making possible a connection to the natural attractions that bind community.

I discovered that connecting with strangers through laughter caused by the unexpected phenomena of millions of snowflakes, the size of large cotton balls, rapidly falling from the sky--transformed adults into playful children sticking their tongues out trying to catch a snowflake.

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Awakening Love

Oh beautiful sentient being Mother Nature, I have just begun to appreciate your presence, beauty and love…  How did I live all these years without this connection is beyond my comprehension.  I am so glad I have arrived!

The Self, Meet Yourself activity was so beautiful and eye opening that I had to re-do it and be in it till each aspect of my being felt like a part of Mother Earth and her atmosphere…  I must say it was an awakening experience… Such profound love which I always thought is rare and felt occasionally when meditating, is actually present in every ounce of Nature and can be accessed by simply allowing and following Nature’s attractions…

As I walked in Nature away from my backyard to an open space…  allowing spontaneous attractions to call me… I was mesmerized by a loving embrace of two trees with branches running through the other tree…  Love is not just between two people it is present in Nature everywhere.

What I learned from this activity is the abundance of love and that Nature nurtures through natural Love ever present supporting all of existence.  
LOVE is natural attraction, it cannot be taken away as that is our true Nature…  We sustain and create through LOVE… we even die through love merging back into what we were born from…

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Interacting Responsibly

The seed of my interest in Natural Attraction Ecology and Ecopsychology based on it, was sown with my gradual awareness of the unsustainability, destructiveness, and unhealthiness of our way of life. By "our," I mean several institutions whose shared values have changed this planet in unprecedented ways: Western civilization, America's (and many other like-minded countries) death-culture, the objectification of nature as "resources" to be exploited, cheap oil, etc. Through this series of realizations, I decided that I wanted to find a way to become a more responsible being on this planet -- more profoundly than buying organic/free trade food. By "responsible being," I mean I want to find my place in the Natural World and help others do the same. With my educational background and interests, ecopsychology made the most sense. What I like about this program in particular is that it's got a grass-roots (organic!) drive behind it. Even though it's Internet- and email-based, students get an experiential education. The activities I've done so far -- and their lasting effects -- have confirmed for me that this program resonates with ideas I hold dear and sacred, and simply just makes sense for me.

     My background is in psychology, child development, and family support. My realizations about the direction that civilization is headed have also influenced the way I look at my "career field." So many of the systems I've worked in and with, while they are counter-cultural in some ways, are still grounded in and dependent upon the injustices and destruction and separation-from-nature that inform so much of our existence. Put bluntly, I began to get the feeling that I was empowering and supporting these people only to feed them back into the Machine Culture. Through this course/program and the supportive nature-connected relationships it reinforces, I intend to forge a more sustainable and proactive career in light of the current state of our society and environment.

     Professionally, I want to find a way to do good, sustainable, productive work that truly empowers and supports people by connecting them with their real Natural Selves. Personally, I anticipate going through deep realizations about some of the nature-disconnected stories that are still operating in my life, and opening up to all the other ways I have available of interacting responsibly with myself, this world, and its inhabitants.

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Waking up

It is a blustery day. The wind and snow are swirling around outside my window. And the temperatures are cold. Feels like a day to enjoy the day- but from inside looking out.

I went to my family room window where Don recently hung a bird feeder. And, there they were out in the storm a several junkos and a finch. How do they do it? I found myself asking.

And, so I asked them. First for permission to ask them and then by expressing my gratitude for whatever they were about to teach me.

I called to mind some of my stressed thoughts and feeling. "I don't know how to do the financial world. There is too much to learn, that I can't understand. I won't have the opportunity to retire if I don't make the right decisions, now. I may not survive today, if I don't do it right. But, I don't know how to make the right decisions!" Stress-out! Life feels like one  big never ending anxiety trip- when I approach it with these thoughts.

So, I matched my body with the bird's movements as the activity suggests. The finch sat munching the seeds from the bird feeder. I chomped and moved my neck in swallowing motions. He seemed unfazed by thoughts of the future. He just seemed grateful and content to be eating now. I noticed as I matched his movements that I somehow began to feel more grateful and content. Wow!

I began to sense a message."Opportunities have been and always will be available. No need to stress. There is no such thing as a missed opportunity. When one disappears another arises." There was no bird feeder there last week- but this week there is.

Don came in the room singing a happy holiday song. The finch sensed that it was time to move on. He simply flew off the bird feeder and away. Non-attachment was his message as it was attracted to a safer setting. Be grateful for what you are receiving now and trust that what you need will be provided. The next opportunity awaits. And, the next.

Feels like a much lovelier way to live.

I would  be so devastated if the finch and my experience with him were taken away from me.

I wrote: "I like the finch because it weathers the storms of life with its contentment and gratitude. It trusts this moment and gives its focus and love to it. Its life matters to it. It gives itself to what it senses that it needs. It is willing to look for opportunities and trust that when that opportunity has passed that another one will present itself in perfect time. He knows and trusts his place in the moment and in all of nature."

Then I wrote the same thing about nature in me:

"I like myself because, I weather the storms of life with my contentment and gratitude. I trust this moment and give my focus and love to it. My life matters to me. I give myself to what I sense that my spirit needs. I am willing to look for opportunities and trust that when that opportunity has passed that another one will present itself in perfect time. I know and trust my place in this moment and in all of nature."

My self esteem and trustfulness of nature were very much enhanced through doing this activity. Thank you little finch.

I did  this same activity with a person to note the effects.
When I asked Don for permission to match his movements. He said, "Sure! Match this!" and gave me a big smooch!

I did this, this morning, so I haven't slept on it, yet. But, I do notice I am facing the day with a sense of calm- as if I had just woken up from a good nights sleep.

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A tree-dance response

I ran in from the cold approaching storm with groceries in hand, shook off the chill and moved the mouse around to see if I had any new mail.  There you were, reminding me that Friday did come.  And so after reading your wonderful post -- so full of life and connection and essential learning from Finch the Teacher -- I sat at the front window and asked the pine if we could play.  Bobbing and reaching in the cold wind, I reached my limbs outward and did the dance of the tree.  Energy coursed through me and the connecting  tingle was thick and pure. 

A cloud bank in the west moved like a wall, unflinching in it's form except for the steady movement north and east.  So I moved, solid, slow, with  snow filled density.  A darker cloud moved in the opposite direction and so did I.  I loved it!  In my wildest dream of what today would hold, I didn't imagine I would take the time to dance with a tree!  No one was home to match movements with, but Maggie is always willing to wag when I talk to her, so I matched her, I wagged my tail and twitched my eyes without moving my head, lifted my ears in anticipation and giggled at the sight of me! 

What I learned is that a mere waltz with a tree or cloud can push aside the clutter of a to do list, the worries of the day, the undone housework, the anticipation of any event --and bring me powerfully to the NOW of what is beautiful, what is deeply and profoundly HERE as teacher, as dance partner.  I like myself because I bend with the wind and move solidly through the atmosphere of life.  Both of these are qualities are powerful ways to manage the unpredictable weather I encounter.

Thanks to all of you who support me on this shared email list.  Thanks to Dr. Cohen for bringing this work to us.  Thanks to the wind and the trees and the clouds and the birds who hang in the wind until it shifts.

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Making the connection

I find hope in people like my sister who went on a walk with me one day and I asked her to tell me what she was attracted to.  At first she told me that she wasn’t finding herself attracted to anything….that really she is just attracted to people.  I asked her to think of something in nature that she was attracted to, even if she was not seeing it on our walk.  She told me she loves a beautiful sunset.  I asked her what she would feel like if that sunset was taken away from her.  She told me that it would not affect her life, she would still be able to survive.  I asked her if her life would be as fulfilling without the sunset, would she enjoy her life as much?  The wheels began turning….she was able to tell me some things she was attracted to on the second half of the walk.  

About a week later I asked my sister to read my posting from Chapter 6.  After reading it she asked me if this course was supposed to help strengthen our relationships with people.  It was like a light bulb went on in her head when I answered yes, and she responded, "Well, I can see us working together someday."  My sister is in school to be a counselor and she loves helping people with their problems.  She made the connection!

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No prescription needed

I am enjoying everyone's introduction and their feelings and thoughts about this course.  I already "feel" different since I started.  I feel so lucky to be taking this online class.  I have been a nurse for many years and get to see on a daily basis what being disconnected from nature can do to a person.  I have taken many classes on holistic nursing and studied vibrational medicine, healing touch, for many years. It seems more and more of society is numbed, overwhelmed, helpless, desensitized, and in pain.  I feel this is the class for everyone.  I have always been attracted to nature, rivers, rocks, trees, etc.I find myself growing vegetables and making compost and love every minute of it.    

I have a small place on the lake in the woods and it seems when I am there it is the only time I feel truly happy and content.  As I watch my grandchildren  sit in the house and play video games  sun up till sundown I am concerned.  I have seen how this class will help me to help them and others to understand just how disconnected we have become and that we can be healed!! A walk in the wood fights depression and is better than anything that does not require a prescription!!

Enhanced self-worth

For this exercise, I sat outside and watched the snow fall for this first time this year.  While doing so, I came to the awareness that, "I am attracted to this snowfall because it reminds me of how pure, all-knowing, and beautiful nature truly is."

Substituting "myself" in this statement was a little awkward, took some time for me to contemplate, but ultimately agreed with the intentions of nature: "I like myself because I remind me of how pure, all-knowing, and beautiful I truly am."  

I am not going to lie.  When my second statement didn't sound perfectly flowing in grammatical correctness to me, I was tempted to cheat a bit and go back and change my first statement.  Rather, I chose to ponder why I thought of myself so separately from nature, considering that is from where I was biologically created.  I am definitely not "all-knowing," but nature sure is.  It was in its all-knowing ability that nature created me.  I never really thought to think of myself in the sense of purity, but when nature created me, I was as pure as possible. So I modified and improved the statement about myself. This whole process, to me, is beautiful...and amazing.

I learned that: 

It is the parts of ourselves that are most similar, and thus connected, to nature that find different natural elements so attractive.

We are psychological indoor addicts because of our excessive indoor-oriented upbringings.

Though it is often difficult to do so, we must acknowledge that we are creations of nature, and in this creation we inherit nature's great qualities.

Now that I am aware of these natural attraction qualities within myself, I would not want them taken away.  However, I can now acknowledge how many times I allowed societal influences to rob me of my natural attractions.

This activity absolutely enhanced my self-worth. It forced me to recognize that I must question the times when I disrespect nature by not trusting in its "all-knowingness." While participating in this activity, I was able to identify myself as more a part of nature, rather than simply an organism living within nature.

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Thought stories

I remembered  the time I spent living in London, England.  I was out one day, and a squirrel that was walking on the ground suddenly ran over, up my leg, further up my torso and arm, and then sat on my shoulder.  It all happened so quickly, and caught me completely by surprise.  I did not respond favorably to the squirrel.  I began to shake myself, trying to get him off of me.  Everybody was looking at me like I was crazy.  Then an old man who worked nearby came over, yelled at me for treating the squirrel poorly, and handed me a peanut.  He actually wanted me to feed the squirrel while it was relaxing on my shoulder!  He put his arm out, and allowed the squirrel to run up it.  Once the initial shock and trauma wore off, I laughed at the societal differences.  I would never think to feed a squirrel.  I thought he, a fraction of my size, was going to eat me!  It shows the way we frequently respond to nature based on our thought-stories, rather than our natural attractions.

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Living with all beings

As I read the questions I started thinking and feeling things that I could not verbalize. This also gave me hope for the future that I did not have before. We are all a part of the earth community, interconnected with trees, rocks, birds, animals and other beings.  Many mystics, world views, and modern forms of science have realized that there are actually no points where one being ends and another begins, but a "flow" of life. PNC strives to help people to feel this connection. 

PNC is a path of healing, one that can bring a great sense of purpose and place in modern day lives.  There are many, many, values to PNC.  Stress release, anxieties, addictions.  It is a personal and professional tool.  Another reason I am taking this advanced class is to help myself and others feel this connection with the rest of life and live with the interconnectedness with all beings and the earth.

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Relationships between things

During a beautiful snow, I went out to refill the bird feeder. I was then attracted to stand a few feet away and watch the feeder while reciting the word, "unity." While concentrating on this word, like a koan in a meditation, I became aware of unified themes all around me. It began with the attraction of the chickadees flying back and forth from the feeder. I connected their paths with invisible lines, making a diagram in my imagination of all the strings that the chickadees were tying together. The trees, shrubs, and ground became tied to the feeder.

I then began to think of the chickadees as a whole due to their similarities, then birds as a category adding in the tufted titmouses, mourning doves, and cardinals also visiting the feeder, then animals as a category, now including the squirrels and myself, then biosphere, then planet, cosmos.

I also became attracted to the snow. It indiscriminately covered everything, regardless of category, trees, grass, rocks, me, all were subjected to the same conditions. This brought me to thought of global situations such as climate change, that also affect everything.

When I didn't concentrate on unity, I noticed that my mind was more occupied with individual thoughts, not necessary related to anything else. When thinking of "unity" I was thinking of relationships between things.

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Natural Attraction Resonation

I was in for some surprises while doing the resonating activity.

We had just received one of the biggest snowfalls that I have seen since living in this valley. It was pretty magical and pretty wild. And, it made for wonderful natural attraction resonating connections.

First, I looked at the snow crystals that frosted my window pane. Thanking them and asking permission I began to feel my resonance with them by singing a tone that I felt represented them. They were so glorious especially as the evening light peeked out from a cloud illuminating their facets. I felt grateful for this program, without which I wouldn't have bothered to notice them, perhaps at all, that day.

Then, I walked across the street to return the snow shovels that I had borrowed from my neighbor. The sunset was bouncing light from pink cloud to blue shadow against a crystal clear blue sky. The light shown off the freshly fallen snow. Needless to say, I did not find this difficult to resonate with. My heart was full of gratitude for the moment.

As I walked back into the house I thought of the part of the assignment that asks us to resonate with a person that we like and a person that we don't. I noticed that I thought myself, "I don't know how I am going to do that part of the assignment because, I can't think of anyone I don't like!"

The moment I thought that I think I genuinely felt it, but I also sensed a little bit of superiority on my part in thinking it. I was in for a little humbling almost immediately.

When I got back in the house, I asked my son to take a break from his computer and then went to get changed. About a half hour later, my daughter came in to tell me that my son was still on the computer and then she proceeded to lecture me on my parenting skills. Hmmm? It seemed I had found someone not to like. I wasn't sure if it was my son for not respecting and obeying me, or if it was my daughter for trying to manipulate me by pushing my inadequate parenting buttons so that she could get on the computer, or if it was me for my lousy parenting.

I breathed and remembered that I told you all yesterday that I would do my resonating activity with my kids. O.K. well this was a little different than what I had imagined- but the ice crystals and sunset were still resonating in my body strengthening me. So, I imagined my children in my mind and breathing said "resonate" in a low tone to myself.

Something hard to describe began to happen. My feelings of hurt and anger were still there- but less painful. I think my ego was loosing its grip slightly. "Resonate, resonate," I repeated. Carlie's words drifted into my consciousness, "If I didn't have to judge this- could I love it?" "If I didn't have to judge them or myself, could I love them and myself." "If I didn't have to l prove myself as a worthy parent- could I be at peace....and could simply respond to what I felt love prompting me to do."

A quiet settled over me. I realized I had entered into unexplored territory. I scarcely knew what to do, or how to be without my judgments of them or myself. My ego asserted a few more attempts to win my peace. "How dare he disobey you! How dare she lecture you! You need to tell them off! How dare you try to be a parent!"

"Resonate....Resonate...Resonate." The natural attractions within me repeated.

"There is nothing to do." Carlie's words came again. "What is the truth about this?"

The truth is, "I am the power and presence of God in this world....and..."

Resonate... Resonate....Resonate... "So are they."

"Appreciate yourself for creating this situation. It is the perfect situation for you to discover who you are." the natural attractions whispered. "Appreciate yourself....Appreciate yourself....Appreciate yourself....and be Gentle with yourself"

 A guitar string was struck in my heart space. Its resonance reverberated into my body. Res......o........nance..........................

How can I describe this. Somehow, I felt strangely at peace with no need to fix anyone or even fix myself. Bizarre.

What came out of my mouth next surprised me.

"It's time for dinner, everybody!  Come join me."

The course guidebook notes that each time we resonate with a natural attraction through a different sense, we get to know the attraction and ourselves in a new, more fulfilling and holistic way.

I learned that my judgments about myself and others are one and the same thing. When I appreciate myself and am willing to be gentle with myself I can respond with a clearer mind. I also learned that resonating with someone else helps me to see them anew and helps me to see myself anew as well. This new perspective helps to free myself of my old pattern of self hatred and victim, and my ego's need to be right about them. It helps me to appreciate myself and them again.

I realize that this situation would probably have gone a whole different direction without my awareness of my natural attractions and the resonance activity. And not such a good direction. I am thankful that I had to do the assignment before this happened.

My self esteem was strengthened as I resonated with my natural attractions and as I appreciated myself. I discovered that when I resonate with someone, I can't dislike them.

When I awoke today, I felt at peace with myself and looked forward to being with my kids.

I will place in my consciousness an image of a guitar string sounding in my heart, its vibrations resonating out to fill my body and extending out to those I am with.

I found that am a person who enjoys resonating with snow crystals and who feels alive when I resonate with the sunset.
I let go of judgments of myself when I resonate with others.

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Rainbow tranquility

I was attracted to the rainbow, the kids counted its colors loudly. I looked at it as the bridge I could walk across to search my inner nature.

This was not the first time I saw the rainbow. In Portland, it's easier to see one.  I felt so content to watch into the sky, the soft white clouds covered the sunlight of the sun, the rainbow had so many colors, the colors of life.

I raised my arms upwards, as if I was touching the rainbow, seeing its beauty and integrity through myself. How much I desired to find that pure soul inside me.  I looked at the kids, they all looked up and smiled, enjoyed what the rainbow brought to them. I then felt very proud of myself, I had the feeling that I wanted to be the rainbow, I wanted be the bridge connecting the kids with their inner nature, though I knew the inner child inside the kids have already been wakened.  The joy of the kids was so impressive, I really felt content by just standing there, watching the rainbow, sharing that moment, that peace and tranquility with the kids.

When I looked at the rainbow, I believed there was a rainbow inside me. I felt its gentle and colorful spirit, that cheerful spirit, encouraged me to stick to my belief...

Yes, I believe as a teacher, I have more power than I can see.  I gain this power from my connection with the kids, nature and all the species in nature

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Nature love

Given the extreme cold temps (way below zero even without the wind chill) and the blizzard conditions this past week, I went to the local pet store hoping to find something creaturely and nature-filled to connect with. From the moment I walked through the door, I was acutely aware that it was clearly nothing like being immersed in nature. However, I enjoyed the fish, rabbits and assorted rodents, but was most attracted to the birds, particularly the canaries. I enjoyed watching the two little birds interact and listening to their sweet song. I felt a twinge of sadness - knowing that these little birds were taken from their natural home to be held captive for the pleasure of us, human-beings. I admire their adaptability.
I love these little birds because they are is playful, curious, tender, resilient.
I love myself because I am playful, curious, tender, resilient.
Initially, I hesitate as I read the statement and wondered if this really describes some aspect of me (now). For the most part I know that I am resilient and adaptable.  Although I truly believe that it is my nature to be playful, curious, and tender, (and is how I would have described myself a few years ago), I think that adjusting to the losses and life challenges presented by Parkinson’s disease, has caused me to be more serious, less inquisitive and maybe a little dispassionate in some ways. It makes me wonder if the natural systems within us shift, adjust or adapt in someway, too, when we experience chronic illness, trauma, etc. or if those attractions/characteristics just get buried underneath the stuff we have to do to cope/survive.
An Email group member's response to the above:

(Before I begin, note that I am writing this because I know Debby, and meet with her, usually once a week, in a professional and friendship manner). 

I found this so interesting, Debby, that you see yourself as less playful, tender, and curious (and ones you wouldn't normally associate with yourself now after the Parkinson) because those would be words you think would not describe you now. 

As I was reading this I thought, wow if she thinks she isn't like this anymore what WAS she like???  She must have been through the roof!!! 
Playful?  The woman who is cutting up in class and gives her buddy a bad time?
Tender?  The woman who came to me in prayer when I was feeling the weight of the world?.
Curious?  The woman that researches everything on the Internet and comes with arm loads of info. about grants?  What about you starting an art therapy program?
Dispassionate?  The woman who took a canoe trip this last summer who wasn't sure her physical body could withstand it but did it to support Parkinson's research and our program???
I think the natural attractions are more accurate than perhaps you want to believe.  They celebrate your innateness---your inner beauty.  This is what I see Debby, just what you saw in the birds!
Perhaps the disease makes you focus on different ways to use your playfulness, or curiosity or passion or the energy level you would give to it, but all those senses that you picked up on in the birds are vividly displayed!  In friendship,  June

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Deeper sensitivity message

I decided to make a walk bare footed so that I could feel the earth! I slowly followed a path in undeveloped piece of land in the outskirts of the City of Kampala. I moved while observing different plants and insects. When I asked for permission to be connected the natural attractions of this environment, I was quickly attracted to a small plant (whose name I don't know). I was attracted to it because it folded its leaves when I accidentally rubbed against  it with my leg. The leaves moved upwards and folded like the hands of a human being raised upwards. The plant I am talking about is about 20 centimeters tall and the trunk is about the size of a needle of a sewing machine and purplish in color. I watched it closely and realized that after about 15 minutes, it started putting its leaves back to their original posture. But this was very difficult to notice. I could tell by seeing that the gap between the leaves was widening till all leaves lay almost in a straight line but opposite of one another. I almost uprooted to take it to the "botanist" for identification, but then quickly realized, I was going to harm a friendly plant that had revealed a lot about itself and I left it. May be I will carry a camera next time I visit this place so that friends can help me to get its botanical identification.

I was attracted to this small plant because it had a deeper message to me! I was able to learn that very often, we look at plants and think they are insensitive to things like touch stimulus! But this plant disapproved it. It quickly showed to me that they too, have senses and they respond to disturbances as a way of protection. I thanked this part of nature to have revealed more to me about itself. And I have a feeling that, this small plant could have represented other higher plants which may have low levels of responses to stimuli that are ignored by human beings and therefore, have continued to be destroyed since their tears can never be noticed!

I am happy to see that every time I visit nature, there is something new to learn about.

I am sad to notice that very few people appreciate nature.

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A sustainable relationship

I was slowly walking through the snow.  I became immediately attracted to the ice frozen to the branches of a nearby leafy bush tree (of which I don?t know the name of).  As I was walking closer to it, the ice on top of the snow began to crack and my feet sunk in about 10 inches.  I proceeded to get close enough to the bush to touch it.  

With my gloved hand I caressed a few of the leaves and stroked the stems.  I could hear the ice begin to crack and the branches and leaves seemed so fragile between my fingers I knew if I kept touching them my desire to caress them would break off their natural attraction and I would have hurt the bush.  I stopped immediately and instead bent down to examine the bush from a different angle, from underneath.

As I lay there in the snow I gazed up at the wonderful oval shaped leaves. No longer did the bush appear white and lifeless, but instead I was greeted with its calming color green with only a small layer of ice over its surface, and the white outline of ice a fourth of an inch around each leaf.  As I looked up the snow was falling gently on my face melting as it made contact and all around I could hear the snow falling to the ground.  It was so peaceful and quiet, the movement of the snow towards me was so relaxing, my whole body felt numb and it was as if I could not move.

With a smile on my face I closed my eyes and took in all that was around me.  The soft touch of the snow on my face melting upon contact, seeping into my skin and into the many other objects around, the continual sound of the snow making contact, the smell of burning firewood, the cracking of ice from the trees and plants all around, and the fragile ground beneath me as I lay on top of the ice and snow.  It was breathless, especially the hidden beauty of this plant that was revealed simply from the shift in the angle at which it was seen.

I, perhaps, was the only one to have taken the time to appreciate the plants beauty. Although a part of me wishes for it to stay that way, so as for the plant not to be disturbed by too many people and their carelessness, the other part of me hopes someone saw me and has now discovered the amazing beauty of this plant, that would have otherwise gone unnoticed if it had not been for my attraction to nature.

In this activity I replaced the bird in the Mimbres design button first with an ice covered leaf, then with a snow covered tree, then with a snowflake.  In all three occasions, the sensory attraction of water and its life sustaining qualities along with the cycle at which it accomplishes such a task was alive and well in my senses and thoughts.  After wearing this pin for a few days the number one comment I received was, "What is this?"  A perfect way, as The Web of Life Imperative book describes, to begin a conversation about our need to connect with nature.  More specifically it usually began a brief discussion of the importance of recognizing and honoring Mother Nature and our connection to her, to recognize our self-destructive habits brought on by our dominate ways of thinking and being, and to find ways to reconnect with and relate to nature that do not strive to dominate and control, but rather to sustainably cooperate and coexist interdependently with her.

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NOTE: You may read or download this source book online, or obtain a complementary copy of it, at http://www.ecopsych.com/ksanity.html

Education, Counseling and Healing With Nature 
by Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D

The Sensory Science of Natural Attraction Ecology: Creating Web of Life Moments, Backyard or Back Country, That Help Us Increase Personal, Social and Environmental Well Being.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

Think of at least one good experience that you have had in nature: backyard or backcountry; mountain, forest or field; brook, ocean or shoreline; pet, garden or aquarium. In the present tense:
-Are you remembering colors, sounds, aromas, textures or flavors part of the experience?
-Does your contact with nature contain comforting motions or attractive feelings of community, trust or place? 
-Do you feel this visit is enchanting, self-enhancing or spiritually pleasing?
-Is it supportive, peaceful or both?  Does it help you clear your mind?
-Do you feel renewed or purified, or that you are part of a greater whole or being. Do you feel you belong? 
These are some of the results that many individuals have reported from remembering valuable experiences in nature, experiences they would welcome repeating.  Many have conveyed that they did not need a teacher, class or book to teach them to have an attractive nature experience; its qualities seemed to be innate, some could remember wonderful experiences from early childhood.

We hold the truths in these experiences to be self-evident axioms.


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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


Benefit from learning to enhance the natural psychic pulse within and around us. Add the sensory ecoscience of Organic Psychology to your life and livelihood.





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"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein


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Outdoor Education
Continuing Education
Anger Management

Hope & Life Relationships
Stress Relief Management
Natural Health and Wellness
Parenting & Child Development
Spirit & Spiritual Development
Sunnyside Gardens Roots
Continuing Education

Complimentary Medicine

Native American Indian Ways
War On Terrorism
Multiple Intelligences
Environmental Education

Recovery from:
Addiction disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleeping Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Food Disorders
Nature Deficit Disorders
Abuse, Addiction, Loneliness
Midlife Crisis
Global Warming



Special NGO consultant United Nations Economic and Social Council


Accredited nature career holistic education and job courses, organic learning degrees, alternatives, books and activities; earn extra income money online and increase wellness, spirit and hope.

P.O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
360-378-6313 <email>


The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the books
The Web of Life Imperative and Reconnecting With Nature
Educating, Counselling and Healing With Nature

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